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Show Your Colors: The Ultimate Guide to Pride Promotional Products

28th April 2023 in Days of the year

Every June the world gets together to celebrate Pride month, a time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and promote inclusivity and acceptance within wider society. Whether you’re throwing a party, joining in a parade, going to a festival, or just want to show your support in this blog, we'll explore how your business can show its support for the LGBTQ+ community with the help of branded merchandise.

It's no secret that promotional products are a great choice for any business looking to boost their brand awareness. However, they also act as a fantastic tool for showing your support for discriminated communities. So, this June why not consider investing in some rainbow promotional products to help show your support to those in and out of your workforce?

Our Favourite Promotional Pride Products

Rainbow Wristbands: Simple yet effective wristbands are the perfect option for any company looking to increase brand visibility. Dyed with the iconic rainbow colors this wristband perfectly symbolizes pride and what it is all about. Not to mention they are extremely long-lasting and wearable meaning your employees and customers can show their support wherever they are!

Rainbow Capes: Looking to host or take partake in a Pride festival? If so, these rainbow capes are a fantastic choice, and with a large print area, you can ensure your brand is center stage.

Rainbow Koozies: As we all know Pride month takes place in June, which means it is the perfect weather for BBQs and other fun outdoor activities. Our custom rainbow koozies provide a stylish way for your employees and customers to keep their drinks cool while showing their support. Custom koozies are also easily collapsible making them an ideal freebie to giveaway at festivals and parades across the country.

Rainbow Drawstring Bags: When out and about celebrating Pride customers and employees are going to need something to help them carry around all their belongings. So, why not invest in some rainbow drawstring bags? Drawstring bags are a staple when it comes to branded promo and with good reason, not only are they reusable they are practical meaning they can be used time and time again helping to increase your brand awareness.

Rainbow Trucker Caps: Keep the sun out of your customer and employees’ eyes with these amazing rainbow trucker hats! One of our best-selling promotional items, custom caps make perfect marketing tools for any business due to their versatility and practicality and these rainbow ones are definitely no exception making them perfect for Pride celebrations.

How to incorporate promotional Pride products into your marketing campaign.

Incorporating promotional products into your pride marketing campaign may seem challenging but in fact, it is incredibly easy and rewarding! Promotional pride products can be handed out throughout the month at parties, parades, and festivals! You can hand them out to employees, give them away as gifts to customers or simply give them away to passers-by during an event. No matter how you choose to use branded merchandise this Pride month, you can be sure to get a fantastic return on investment in the form of improved brand awareness, visibility, and reputation.

Benefits of using promotional Pride products

Using promotional products as part of your marketing campaigns is a great way to boost awareness throughout the year no matter the size of your business. There are multiple benefits to using promotional products, don’t believe us? Here’s a list of benefits of using promotional Pride products!

• Increased Awareness

• Increased Visibility

• Increased Brand Recognition

• Improved Customer Retention

• High Return on Investment

• Lead Generation

• Create Impressions

• They’re Cost-Effective

Now that you have found out more about promotional Pride products, why not browse through our Pride-dedicated category and kick off your next marketing campaign?

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