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National Yoga Month: September 2022

21st September 2022 in Days of the year

September is National Yoga Month! Back in 2008, the Department of Health and Wellness officially coined the term so that there is formally recognized celebration every September.

Whether you’re a health-conscious yogi professional or simply want to try it for the first time, yoga is for anyone and everyone. It has brought spiritual prowess to people all over the world for the last 5,000 years – and, over the last decade and a half, National Yoga Month has become a great way to enjoy the health benefits it brings - from increasing flexibility and strength, to improving respiration and mindfulness. The practice has reportedly grown by more than 50% over the last 10 years. Besides, who doesn’t love to get those endorphins flowing?

With a whole month designated to the practice, there’s a big opportunity to merchandize your business or organization. Take the lead from yoga and athleisure giants, Lululemon, who have recently introduced ‘birthday freebies’ – specifically on TikTok – a technique to help customers feel appreciated, whilst increasing brand loyalty. Perhaps you own a yoga studio, or are an independent yoga teacher? Of course, you don’t even need to be in the yoga industry to promote the practice as part of your merchandizing strategy. You may be a gym or wellbeing facility looking to add yoga to your repertoire. Appealing to yoga lovers is a great way to boost your clientele and increase brand exposure, all at the same time.

Giving someone a gift, this yoga month is the perfect way to spread the yoga love whilst promoting your brand. Here at EverythingBranded, we’ve got an extensive range of yoga products which anyone can use to supplement their practice.


Our top 5 items this National Yoga Month:


  1. Yoga mat

A custom printed yoga mat is essential for any yogi. Perhaps hand out a free mat for new members at your yoga studio. Sorting newcomers with the number one requirement for yoga will generate automatic appreciation for your brand. Our bestselling PVC yoga mat comes in a range of different colors, offering great choice at value per unit. Yoga and being kind to the environment go hand in hand – rest assured that this mat is also made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials. Why not add a carrying case or removable strap for extra convenience as you travel to and from sessions.


  1. Yoga block

The humble yoga block is great tool which works in several ways. Yoga blocks allow you to attempt deeper stretches and where necessary, work to reduce pressure on the body by modifying the distance between you and the floor during more difficult stretches. Available in numerous colors, our eco-friendly EVA foam block is a must-have accessory and training tool. A yoga block can make a great gift as it shows willingness to improve how your clients hold their yoga positions during practice. After all, if they feel you are helping them to achieve their best, they’re more likely to stick around in the long term!         


  1. Resistance bands

Ranging from different levels of resistance (X- light through to X-heavy), our latex resistance bands are perfect for adding stability and strength training into any yoga workout. If you’re looking for a cost-effective addition to your merchandizing strategy, resistance bands offer a great option. Given their size, they’re also easy to hand out to attract new members to your facility – either at your next event or via the mail.


  1. Yoga socks

Even when using a yoga mat, many people who practice yoga find themselves slipping when attempting trickier positions. Not only do yoga socks prevent this, but they also keep your feet warm in winter, absorb sweat and maintain good hygiene. Here at EverythingBranded, we stock a wide range of yoga socks, including this non-slip version, sure to be a customer favorite.


  1. Yoga ball

This is a great option for any type of sports business to increase brand awareness. Whether you’re a sports equipment manufacturer wanting to get your name out there amongst gym goers, or a yoga studio looking to offer additional equipment, you can be sure to gain recognition with our custom anti-burst yoga ball. Made from phthalate free PVC, this yoga ball resists deflation when punctured or damaged – so it’s great for long-term frequent use in any gym or yoga setting.

Head to EverythingBranded today to view our current selection of yoga merchandise. Why not celebrate the rest of National Yoga Month by spreading your brand’s message – all whilst giving people a good time as they try something new!

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