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Empower Your Brand For National Girls & Women in Sports Day

6th February 2019 in Days of the year

On February 6 marks National Girls & Women in Sports Day, a time to acknowledge the accomplishments of female athletes and the constant struggle of equality for women in sports.

This national day was declared by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, uniting premiere organizations and elite female athletes to bring national attention to girls and women in sports. The theme for this year is "Lead Her Forward", honoring many ways women achieve excellence and realize their boundless potential.

Did you know

  • Men receive 30% more prize money than women in sport
  • US Soccer player Alex Morgan is the highest paid woman in soccer
  • Women in Iran are forbidden to enter stadiums to watch sport
  • Mary Queen of Scots is said to be the first woman to play golf in Scotland
  • Women weren't allowed to compete in Olympic track and field events until 1928
  • Only 5% of sports media coverage features women

How you can get involved

Everybody can get involved during this national day, on the National Girls & Women in Sports Day website you can search for sporting events in your local area. You can even list your own event on their website to get more people participating. Schools or community centres can host their own sporting events, to help get more girls involved in sports. If you're a business owner encourage your employees to exercise by gifting them with a promotional product from our sports range. A branded fitness product is perfect for encouraging people of all ages to exercise, whilst promoting your brand at the same time. Also, it will leave people with a positive impression of your brand and will be kept even after the event.

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