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Raise a Glass to Oktoberfest: Promotional Products to Take Your Party to the Next Level

2nd August 2023 in Days of the year

Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival in the world. Originating in Munich, Germany this iconic Bavarian tradition is celebrated by millions of people from all over the world. During this two-week festival, people indulge in the best of German beer, delicious food, vibrant music, and lively festivities.

But how can you make the most out of the event as a business?

Whether you are hosting a stand at your local Oktoberfest celebration or just want to boost spirit by handing out some on-theme freebies to festival goers; promotional products are the perfect solution.

From branded beer glasses to custom beer koozies, promoting your brand has never been easier when it comes to Oktoberfest merchandise this fall. With the option to print your brand front and center, you can easily boost your brand’s visibility whilst reaching potential customers in a fun and memorable way.

Our top 5 Oktoberfest products:

1. Beer Glasses

Custom beer glasses are the perfect promotional product to hand out at any Oktoberfest event. Not only are they on-theme but they are practical and can be used as a keepsake once the festivities have ended. There is a wide range of branded beer glasses to choose from so you have full creative freedom when it comes to the materials, colors, and sizes of your custom-printed beer glasses.

2. Beer Koozies

The best glasses of beer are often cold and refreshing. Sometimes they get a little too warm before we can fully enjoy them but fortunately here at Everything Branded, we offer a huge range of custom beer koozies - perfect for keeping your beverage cool whilst promoting your brand. Made to fit both glasses and cans, custom beer koozies are a fantastic way to help festival goers out whilst affordably raising your brand profile.

3. Bottle Openers

Branded bottle openers are the ultimate way for any business to make an impression this Oktoberfest. Coming in a range of formats including keychains, and a huge range of shapes, sizes, and colors, bottle openers are a must-have at the world’s largest beer festival. Easy to distribute, low cost, and customizable, a bottle opener could be the ideal match for your business.

4. Coasters

These compact and customizable items provide a convenient platform to display your logo, message, or unique design, making them an excellent way to promote your business this Oktoberfest. Not only do custom coasters protect surfaces from unsightly water rings and spills, but they also serve as a daily reminder of your brand to customers months after the initial event.

5. Snack Bags

What goes perfectly with a nice cold beer? Snacks of course! Here at Everything Branded, we offer a large range of snack bags that can be customized with your business’s logo; from pretzels, chips, and cookies you’ll be sure to find something for everybody’s taste buds. Why not get the whole hog and pair it with other promotional products such as custom beer glasses and bottle openers?

These are our top 5 favorite Oktoberfest products. Why not create your range of customized Oktoberfest merchandise this fall? Browse our website and get in touch with our team today.

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