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Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Columbus Day

10th October 2022 in Days of the year

In recent years there has been a move towards ‘balance’ and, in some states, even replacement. Indigenous Peoples' Day, which is held on the same date as Columbus Day (the second Monday of each October), has been an informal alternative to it or a replacement for it. This is following Native Americans protests at honoring a man who, they believe, enabled invasion, colonization, theft, brutality and forced assimilation.


The History of Columbus Day & It’s Evolution


Columbus Day itself began as a late 19th-century movement to honor Italian American heritage during a period when immigrants faced huge amounts of prejudice and persecution. In the 1880s, Italians began pouring into America in search of opportunity, but the new arrivals were much maligned. No doubt you will remember the exceptional episode of iconic TV series The Sopranos which focused on a series of racial issues arising from the history of Columbus and the day struck up in his recognition and did a very good at explaining the depth of feeling on either side of race history and racial argument.

In 2021 the US celebrated the first formalized national Indigenous Peoples’ Day with President Joe Biden proclaiming it as an occasion to honor “our diverse history and the Indigenous peoples who contribute to shaping this Nation” - and, at the same time, he also issued a formal Columbus Day proclamation. This recognized the contributions of Italian Americans to the development of modern America as well as acknowledging “the painful history of wrongs and atrocities” that have resulted from European exploration.


Branding for Indigenous Peoples Day or Columbus Day


In that spirit of perspective encompassing truth, forgiveness, fairness, and absolute forward motion, here at EverythingBranded we offer a wide range of suitable promotional products for Columbus Day and custom printed products for Indigenous Peoples’ Day - as well as many products capable of being utilized for promotional activity during celebrations by businesses and organizations rooted in any ethnic community whatsoever. We truly believe America is for all and we are open for business to all.

With the logo of your business, organization, event, campaign, or charity printed onto these customized products for marketing, you will be able to raise brand awareness amongst your own and other communities as well as amongst customers, clients, and friends. Here are five of our favorite promotional items for marketing at any kind of parade, celebration, or party.


Our Top 5 Favorite Promotional Products for Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day


  1. These Banner Pens are a potent way to promote, as you can create a colorful branded advertisement with your logo, message and contact information on a laminated paper banner that pulls right out of the pen’s barrel! Perfect as giveaways or even to sell as small sale items, these pens are a great way to ensure you remain in the minds of those who receive them. Everyone needs to use a pen at least once a day, so you’ll get noticed day after day!
  2. If you want to decorate or celebrate, these handheld Flags are ideal. With the logo of your business or organization printed onto them, they’re an effective way to make sure you get noticed during parades and other types of celebration. Ideal to use as giveaways when the time comes for your message to make a strong visual impression. Similarly, these larger-sized Custom Branded Flags will certainly catch the eye of all who see them. Measuring 3ft x 5ft and digitally printed with a full color process, you can choose any color you like to highlight your brand identity.
  3. Snapback Trucker Caps are always a great way to project your brand, as they are roughly at eye level so people almost can’t avoid seeing what’s on them! Not only that, but they actually look really cool as well with a six-panel structured design and lightweight mesh back, with a two-tone adjustable snapping plastic tab that fits most people. Available in various different colors you can easily customize to fit in with your brand identity.
  4. If there is a parade, party or other type of celebration, the chances are there will be eating and drinking – so these Double Wall Insulated Paper Cups are a great way to make sure your business or organization’s logo gets out there amongst the people! These cups keep hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold, and are comfortable to handle. Visually powerful, economical item with the price including a one-color imprint.
  5. It's a well-known fact that one of the most effective promotional items, whatever the activity, is the humble tote bag. People need bags in all sorts of different circumstances during their daily lives, and they tend to be used over and over – with certain totes becoming ‘favorite bags’ due to a particular design or color. Canvas Tote Bags are perfect for using as freebies or small sale items for celebration days as you can print the logo of your business, organization, charity, event, or campaign on them, and if that is a cause the recipient strongly identifies with, the bag will be used – and seen – many times. Perfect for marketing, then!

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