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Reasons For Choosing Metal Pens For Promotion

14th March 2022 in Pens & writing

Looking for an effective promotional strategy for your next campaign? Choose EverythingBranded's metal pens and catalyse your brand's visibility. Create a lasting impact with cost-effective, impactful custom metal pens and stand out from the competition with this simple strategy for high brand recall. Grabbing your customers’ attention and influencing their buying decision was never this easy! Some of the most brilliant ideas are based on simplicity. And custom metal pens are the perfect examples of ‘sophistication meeting utility.’ While metal pens seem like a modest and simple choice for promotional products, they are one of the most effective products that can create a high visual impact. Besides acting as a subtle reminder, they also add a touch of corporate finesse. Custom metal pens are classy and can bring dull corporate stationery to life.


Top Reasons For Choosing Metal Pens For Business Promotion


Data suggests that an average ballpoint pen writes about 50000 words or about 100 pages of text. Imagine the perks of having your logo and brand name on a product that lasts that long? There are many other reasons why custom metal pens make the best promotional products, such as:

Brand Exposure

Metal pens offer the perfect blend of class and maximum utility. Printing your brand logo on metal pens can help improve your brand exposure in professional setups such as events, offices, tradeshows, and campaigns. What’s more? You can even print your logo, marketing message, campaign hashtags and more. One small pen can have an exponential effect on your brand visibility.

Powerful Appeal

If you are a premium category brand, it must reflect in every business promotion & advertising activity you carry out. And what other product looks classy and sophisticated and is also practical and inexpensive like a metal pen? So if you want to increase more than just your brand awareness, some stylish custom metal pens will do the job perfectly.



Great Advertising Tool

Custom metal pens are sleek; they are trendy and offer an experience to remember. They don't just benefit the user, but also every single person that borrows the pen for a quick signature or notes. The professional finish they offer with your logo printed on it is hard to match with other products.

Effective Lead Generation

One metal pen can create a huge ripple effect on your brand when in the right hands. With your website address, contact number and brand logo printed on it, you can make your business visible and accessible everywhere your pen goes. And the more exposure, the better the new lead generation.


People like to work with brands that make a positive impact. Therefore, your choice of actively offering custom metal pens with a high reusability factor won't go unnoticed by your customers. Any product that is safe, environment-friendly, and user-friendly will reflect positively on your brand.

Our Top Custom Metal Pens

Our range includes smart, sophisticated, lightweight, colourful, and all other kinds of custom metal pens. Some of our top-selling custom metal pens include: 

-        Metal Stylus Pen

- Metal Rollerball Pens

- Engraved Pens

-        Aluminum Ball Pens

- Gold Ball Pens

- Click Ball Pens

-        Soft-Touch Ball Pens

We constantly come up with new trends and styles to promote your brand the right way. If your brand wants to print your logo on premium metal pens, we can offer the best designs and quality. Our custom metal pens make for excellent corporate gifts and can be combined with other promotional products for making a complete corporate hamper. Get in touch with us if you want to customize custom metal pens for your brand promotions (We take bulk orders too).

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