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The Complete Guide to Custom Pens

10th November 2022 in Pens & writing

When you’re putting together your marketing plan, it’s always worth considering that one of the most reliable and effective tools you can use is the humble pen. When it’s printed up with your logo, this customized pen makes its way out there in the world as a cheerful ambassador for your brand, working hard for you on a daily basis.

The logic behind the success of the pen’s mission is sound: Everyone needs one at some point each day (whether that’s to make notes at work or write a groceries list or anything else at all) and so people tend to have a pen to hand most of the time. So, your pen is likely to be seen and make an impression at least once every 24 hours. That’s not just by the user but by anyone else nearby when they’re writing – in fact, by anyone who sees the pen anywhere and at any point. According to a 2019 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, promo pens are kept for up to nine months – which means you not only make an immediate impression but gain lasting impressions for at least six months.

Though you might think a pen is a relatively small object with not too much real estate on which to print a logo - so might even be irrelevant - the truth is that pens are highly noticeable despite the size. This most familiar of writing implements does tend to draw attention. Plus, people are always receptive to receiving pens as gifts or giveaways. They’re a staple item for a business or organization to offer, a sort of friendly calling card, and they mean the recipient receives something really useful which adds even more value.

It may be that you’ve been working on your marketing plan and have always thought custom pens are passé, a relic from a bygone age - but the truth is that they have remained popular year after year. Across the world they are the number one promotional item, and in the survey, we mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago, 51% of people said they would be more likely to do business with whoever gave them the custom pen. This is testament to the effectiveness of the pen as a way to merchandize your business or organization.

There are, of course, many types of custom pens you could choose – including plastic pens, metal pens, eco-pens and unusual or novelty pens - so we’ll run through some of your options. Here are some of our favorites…


1. ZAID Stylus

A plunger-action plastic pen worthy of your next marketing campaign. With an attractive look featuring a tactile grip the ZAID stylus is perfect for comfort when taking notes or jotting down important information. Users can even retract the pen point itself and use as a stylus for navigating cell or tablet screens. With your company name, logo or contact details it’s a stylish and smart way to get your brand into people’s hands!

2. Two-in-One Highlighter Pen

Featuring both a ballpoint pen and a highlighter, this two-in-one highlighter is certainly going to make your brand stand out. Available in a wide range of colors so you can find something to match your already existing brand identity, this plastic pen is a versatile and memorable option which will raise brand awareness.

3. Gripper Stylus Pen with LED light

With a top-click white LED light this is an illuminating addition to your next promotional campaign. The gripper stylus pen with LED light has an easy-comfort grip, a simple twist mechanism and is available in several colors. It can be customized with your company logo and will look great as well as do what pens do!

4. Sphere Pen

This Sphere aluminum ballpoint pen works with plunger action, writes with smooth-flowing InstaGlide hybrid ink and features a thick barrel, textured gripper and a choice of five colored accents. It looks and feels great – particularly when it’s printed up with the logo of your business or organization.

5. Cali Pen

The Cali pen is smart-looking with a two-piece capped design featuring a wide integrated pocket clip. It’s a pen, of course, but if you flip it over you can use the stylus for your phone, tablet or on public touchscreens. Available in four tasteful colors, you will easily find the right one to reflect the cool professionalism of your brand.

6. Brixton Harvest

With a fantastic name – as well as fantastic function and a great look – the Brixton Harvest pen is a plunger-action eco pen perfect for jotting down notes and reminders. With a bamboo design barrel and small amounts of plant-based material used to create a flecked finish, this is a distinct-looking pen that will gain attention for your brand when your logo or message is printed on the side.

7. Rosewood Waiter’s Ballpoint

A classy-looking writer which adds a touch of woodsy sophistication to your promo. Available in a rosewood finish and featuring twist action operation and a pocket clip, this is a great statement pen likely to make a fantastic impression on your customers, clients and friends. With your logo printed using our signature laser-engraving process, this makes a great prestige giveaway at grand openings, seminars, trade shows or conventions.

8. Bone-Shaped Ballpoint

Finally, a bone-shaped ballpoint, great for use as a really fun custom pen if you’re somehow connected to the medical profession, this bone-shaped ballpoint comes as a set of five, each shaped like a different bone. Add your company name or logo and get a hold of new customers when you make this your next giveaway!


There are so many different pens you could choose from that putting together a list like this is almost impossible. We picked the ones you’ve just read about, but we could just as easily have picked many others. All of our stock is brilliant for promoting your brand and so it’s advisable to take a good browse of our site. If you need any further help, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team, and they’ll be happy to help you make the right choice for your business or organization.

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