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Custom Pens Don’t Cost the Earth

12th December 2022 in Pens & writing

An effective way to promote your business, both in terms of attention and cost (and the relationship between the two), is to use custom pens. You may think these everyday objects are instantly forgettable simply because they are used on a daily basis and therefore become taken for granted – with the knock-on effect of that being there is little marketing value. But the truth is, pens are one of the most effective tools you can use to raise brand awareness and keep it current.

That everyday aspect is actually the appeal of customized pens. When it’s printed on a pen, the logo of your business, organization, campaign or event will be seen many times – and at least once every 24 hours. Even in the digital age people use pens over and over throughout the day so that is a conservative estimate. Many of the pens will also be used in environments where people other than the user will see them – so the ‘spread’ of brand awareness will be greater than you might otherwise expect. Pens are a trusty and reliable item to use as a giveaway (or a small sale item) as the recipient receives something useful – rather than being just a novelty, it adds even more value to the experience, and the association with your brand.

Pens are also cost-effective in terms of marketing budget. For the amount of attention your business or organization will get from them, and the widespread nature of that attention, the cost per pen is a price worth paying. Of course, the unit cost varies from pen to pen and dependent on the number you order – but we’ve selected a handful here to start you off on a browse of what we have to offer at EverythingBranded


  1. Stylus Pens

These days people do digital as well as analogue – so having a pen that is usable across both can be incredibly useful. Imagine a pen which writes just like you’d expect a pen to, but then doubles as a stylus you can use on your phone or tablet. Now imagine it with the logo of your business or organization printed on it, and you’re probably thinking along the lines of these Plastic Pens With Screen Touch Stylus. A stylish way to raise your brand awareness!


  1. Recycled Pens

If you’re eco-conscious in the way your business or organization conducts itself, then you are definitely going to want to reflect that in your promotional merchandise. Recycled Pencil Pens (so named because they look like a traditional pencil, with the ‘eraser’ actually the push top of the pen). They’re made from 20% recycled material and 65% biodegradable material (recycled paper and/or a natural-based plastic made from corn) and look amazingly cool when printed with your logo.


  1. Advertising Pens

For a true budget option which still doesn’t compromise on aesthetics, these Advertising Pens are smart, include a clip and can be printed with your company name and logo, brand message and more. These pens are available in a variety of colors so you will be able to find something to match in with or meet your brand identity. There is an absolute minimum of 100 pieces per order of these pens.


  1. 3 Ink Color Pens

These 3 Ink Color Stylus Pens offer users the chance to switch out mid-sentence between a choice of red, blue and black ink! With your logo printed on the side, your business or organization is sure to make an impression.


  1. Novelty Pens

You don’t have to assume that novelty or shaped pens are going to cost that much, either. For example, these Car Pens (shaped like a sports car) are very reasonably priced and can be printed with your logo to rev up the promo returns on your investment. They’re perfect for car dealerships, service stations, tyre fitters, mechanics, gas stations or sponsored races. Available in bold red or striking blue, when they’re imprinted with your logo they will grab attention at tradeshows, conventions and fundraisers.


Whichever custom pens you choose to use to promote your business, you’re guaranteed to reach people each time they pick up their pens to write! As a tool within a marketing plan, promo pens are a cost-effective way to position yourself in the hands of your customers, clients and friends. Simply follow our suggestions above, as a starting point, or browse our website to pick for yourself.

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