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Back to school, the perfect time for a fresh start!

7th August 2018 in Pens & writing

With the evenings already coming in noticeably earlier, the last of our summer sunsets cast their shadows over the end of the holidays. It's nearly time to go back to school. Whether this be a happy or sad occasion for you, it can be a great opportunity to reflect on any struggles you encountered last year, and prep yourself and family for a smoother running one. The 3 P’s can help you with this: Preparation, practice and production.


Openly discuss what areas you want to improve on, be it time management, homework quality or healthy eating. Getting your kids into the habit of preparation early is key for developing their own set of skills in organization. Taking the time to establish what back to school items they require and involving them in the purchase results in them being aware of the process.


Once you’ve established which areas to improve on, start putting your words into actions. Change can be a struggle and it’s easy to fall back into bad habits, so don’t set yourself up for failure, take it slow and remember it’s a lifestyle change you are aiming for, not a overnight solution. Practice putting your changes into action, if getting up for the school run on time is an issue, start putting you alarm in a different room so you can’t hit snooze, and slowly your body will start adjusting.


Once you’ve found the right practice to tackle each area of improvement, incorporate it into your daily life. It won’t take long for it to feel second nature!

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