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Promoting your Business in Celebration of Thanksgiving

7th October 2022 in Fall & Halloween

Thanksgiving is an annual occasion when everyone gets together to celebrate their blessings during the previous 12 months. It’s a wonderful time of year in our country. Family and friends come together to share a big meal, spirits are high and there are parades and sports – which means fantastic opportunities for you to market your business or organization to a vast number of people amidst all of their cheer and goodwill.

It actually doesn’t matter what type of business or organization you are. Thanksgiving is such an all-encompassing and all-inclusive time full of good cheer. Whatever type of business or organization you are, investing in some Thanksgiving promotional items is a good move because the attention of a lot of people – almost everyone - will naturally be in tune with the season. Plus, people are known to be more receptive to messaging of any kind when they are in a good mood. In other words, your brand is sure to be noticed.

Custom printed Thanksgiving items could be handed out at events or in stores or at the mall, almost anywhere really, where permissions has been granted and there is the possibility of reaching people. You could also include small, branded Thanksgiving products on the reception counter or desk of your business, little items people are free to take away. If these items are practical they’re likely to become used in their everyday lives, meaning your promotional efforts will have a long and successful arc in terms of raised brand awareness.

Particularly geared around Thanksgiving itself, things like turkey keychains with your logo printed on them are going to provide some instant attention, but a great way to ensure all year-round awareness is to provide items which people need every day. Pens, notebooks, water bottles and so on. Each of these can be printed with your logo and a Thanksgiving message. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at EverythingBranded once you’ve decided on which products you would like to purchase to begin promoting your business or organization this Thanksgiving. And remember, too, it’s never too early to begin planning for next year either!


Here are five of our favorite items suitable for Thanksgiving promotions…


  1. These Seed Paper Greetings Cards are a really friendly way to offer value and good cheer to your customers, clients and friends at Thanksgiving, letting them know that you’ve thought of them and been thankful for their presence. With a full-color custom message printed directly onto the 100% recycled paper with eco-friendly ink, it’s a great way to be socially conscious too! This seed paper card can be planted, complete, and will grow into a patch of beautiful wildflowers. When they do, the recipient is likely to remember it was you who gave this particular gift, so there’ll be an extra bloom of brand awareness!
  2. There’s no doubt that when people gather around the table to enjoy a meal during Thanksgiving, there will be some wine and beer gets drunk! So why not put your business or organization right into the heart of those celebrations and send your customers, clients, and friends a branded beer glass? This 16oz Rotherham Beer Glass is a distinctive shape, designed for big gulps and lots of fun – and for promoting your business or organization, of course! There are many other types of glass you could use, also, so check out our Party & Bar section to see what else we have to offer.
  3. The turkey is one of the most recognized symbols of Thanksgiving, and so it follows that offering promotional items either decorated with the image of a turkey or actually shaped like a turkey is a smart move. This Turkey Stress Reliever is a fantastic polyurethane squeezer perfect for passing those stressful or anxious thoughts into. Okay, so Thanksgiving is a time of joy, but it can be stressful getting the meal together. This little fella should help ease some tension!
  4. Perhaps you want to thank your employees for their hard work over the past year, or perhaps you want to reach out to associates, customers, and clients at Thanksgiving. A Gratitude 4-Piece Thank You Gift Set is a great way to do both. It features a 17 oz insulated mug, wireless charging pad, 4 port USB hub and 7-in-1 utility pen, all packaged together in a customized gift box. A smart and professional way to mark Thanksgiving.
  5. The Manhattan Gift Set with Magnetic Journal and Pen is a really smart and stylish way to say “thank you”, while also looking forward to the times beyond Thanksgiving. The journal will be used time and again in the coming year, and with the logo of your business or organization printed on the front, you’re sure to be remembered. It has 80 cream-colored lined pages and a bookmark, while the aluminum plunge-action ballpoint pen has an elegant look, a rubberized finish and capacitive stylus. This set is great to gift to colleagues, business associates, important customers, and friends.

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