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Fall Is Coming! It’s Time to Get Branding…

5th August 2022 in Fall & Halloween

Rather than “Winter is coming”, imagine if the catchphrase of hit show Game of Thrones had been “Fall is coming”... Things could have been really different. Well, maybe not hugely different – lots of people would probably still have been slaughtered. But the weather would have been a bit nicer and the color palette a little warmer. Maybe those who’d survived would have been inspired to produce their own range of merch!

EverythingBranded could have helped them, because we have a massive stock of promotional items which can be printed with a logo or message, including seasonal clothing.

But first, some facts to satisfy those who are interested in answers to the questions “What is Fall?” and “where does it come from?”

Though the dates change slightly year on year, in 2022 Fall is between Friday 23rd September and Wednesday 21st December. It’s a time of year when temperatures start to drop a little, and the nights start getting longer. Fall gets its name from the leaves on the trees which start to change color and begin falling.

In the UK – and occasionally here, too – it’s known as Autumn, but the original name for Fall was Harvest (way back in the 16th century). The word ‘harvest’ is of Germanic origin and means “picking” or “reaping”, so it was applied to the time of year when farmers would gather crops. It’s still used sometimes to this day to loosely describe the result of crop-gathering, though it’s never formally applied to the season itself as its name anymore.


We told you this would be interesting...


So, what does Fall have to do with the promotional items we offer at EverythingBranded? Well, it’s traditionally the time of year when schools and colleges have started to ‘go back’, and it’s not the warmest time. Plus, Fall leads into Winter, which is definitely cold! So good quality clothing accessories are always needed through these two seasons... Things such as personalized beanies are perfect for keeping kids warm as they wait for the bus or walk to school, and branded gloves and branded scarves help too.

This means there’s a great opportunity for your school, college, or university to brand up and produce a range of customized winter accessories featuring your logo. The main benefit of branded items is that they will get your identity out there into the world but, when combined across multiples of people, the hats, gloves, scarves and other items we’ve mentioned will give a great uniform look and encourage a sense of belonging.

You don’t have to be a school or college to brand up clothing items and accessories suitable for Fall and Winter. Any business, organization, charity, or campaign can benefit from investing in this kind of promotional material. Here’s our pick of our five favorite items…


Our 5 Favorite Fall Promotional Items


  1. This one size fits all Two-Tone Knit Pom Beanie features a cuff for added style and warmth and is ideal for sports ski trips, campus gift shops and more. There are several colors to choose from so you can closely match to your already existing brand guidelines, and with your logo embroidered on the front it’s a great way to celebrate your identity!
  2. Perfect for those slightly darker mornings and evenings, this LED Beanie is a brilliant way to put your brand in the spotlight. With a built-in LED light with three levels of brightness it’s an incredibly useful bit of Fall and Winter kit which can feature your logo!
  3. Hands, neck, and head are often thought of first in seasonal clothing, but what about the ears? They get cold, too – and this Foldable Earflap is the perfect way to make sure they don’t! It’s high quality, warm and comfortable – and with your logo on it, you’re sure to get your brand noticed.
  4. Fleece Gloves are always a win in weather terms and in promotional terms! They're made of 6 2/5 oz. fleece and feature a plastic clip connection to ensure the best fit – and with our 10,000-stitch embroidery included in the pricing your logo is going to look great.
  5. Speaking of hands, these Hot Stuff Hand Warmers are not clothing, but they are essential! Staying warm is simple, and with your logo featured too the promotional possibilities are great.


Whether your Fall and Winter need is for branded clothing, or other promotional items designed to keep you warm and dry, we have a great selection here at EverythingBranded. Our items will keep your marketing ticking over throughout the seasons! Simply get in touch and ask for a quote.

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