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Halloween Promotional Products for your Business

10th July 2022 in Fall & Halloween

Each month we are raising the point more and more of how fast the year is going. It doesn’t seem yesterday that we were in lockdown and now we are looking at the turn of the year.

Before we face the prospect of Independence Day and the soccer world cup, we have a day that catches the interest of a lot of Americans and can promote your brand quite quickly. As with any major holiday, the shopping season starts earlier and earlier each year. While most of the shopping occurs during the month of the holiday, many people are starting earlier whether they are trying to shop for deals or make sure they get their desired costume.


  • 6% of shoppers will start before September
  • 28% of shoppers will do their Halloween shopping in September
  • 41% will make their purchases within the first week of October
  • 25% will wait until the latter two weeks of October to make their holiday purchases.

Halloween is a great excuse to market your products and services, especially if you can cater to customers seeking costumes, decorations, and candy. Those aren’t the only industries that can benefit from Halloween marketing; in fact, just about any business can find a way to piggyback on Halloween to promote their products or services and turn a profit on All Hallow’s Eve. Find inspiration for your campaigns in the following ten wicked cool Halloween marketing statistics from the National Retail Federation.

Many Businesses can befit from Halloween promotional products as there is a vast clientele such as schools, offices, universities, bars, and more that celebrate the occasion. During this article, I am sure that there is an aspect of Halloween you may not have thought of.


Promotional Halloween products for pets


Have you ever considered the Halloween market for pets? Costumes make for easy sales, but dog groomers and pet store retailers can market their services plus accessories such as light-up collars and leashes, spooky food bowls, and Halloween-themed dog treats.

According to those surveyed by the National Retail Federation (NRF), there’s a good chance you’ll see a lot of doggies (and kitties?) pumpkins waddling around this year (fourth straight year as the number one trending pet costume, with 10% of votes in 2021 and 2020, up from 9.3% in 2019).

This year, Bat flew up the rankings to #6 (#10 in 2020), and Lion roared into the top 10 for the first time. If you decide to take your dog trick-or-treating, be sure that the costume is comfortable and safe. You don’t want anything to cause your dog to choke, block its vision, or distract it. Dressing your dog up for Halloween can be entertaining for everyone. This can range from items such as Pet Dog 3D Halloween Clothes,   But remember, pet safety is paramount.





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