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Halloween: Are You Ready?

31st October 2022 in Fall & Halloween

We don’t mean to spook you – but if you haven’t already planned your Halloween marketing campaign for 2022 then you’re close to a monster miss! Your customers won’t ghost you, of course - but it’s worth a reminder of the importance of getting things ready way in advance. That’s definitely an all-treat / no-trick way to keep them engaged, and to make sure brand awareness stays high on the way to the moment itself. October is a great time to market your business or organization using printed Halloween merchandise as everyone is naturally attuned to the occasion, and so you’ll position your brand right in the middle of all the fun!

When you know you need branded Halloween items there’s only one place to turn:  EverythingBranded. We can help you choose the right Halloween merchandise to summon up the promotional spirit. Before we offer a rundown of some of our favorites from the merch we have available, let’s recap on why Halloween is important. In other words, five killer facts you can impress your family, friends, and colleagues with…


  • Pumpkins are a fruit: Yes, really. Anything that starts from a flower is botanically categorized as a fruit. So that means a tomato is also a fruit, and a cucumber is also a fruit. Neither of those have anything to do with Halloween – so why does the pumpkin?
  • Pumpkins and Halloween: The connection began because Irish immigrants in the mid 19th-century brought root vegetable carving traditions over to America from their homeland. These developed into the creation of the Jack o’ Lantern – a carved pumpkin lit from within.
  • Halloween is NYE: Well, not in the new times of course – but two thousand years ago each New Year began on 1st November. The Celts believed that on the night of 31st October the boundary between the worlds of life and death blurred, and so they lit bonfires to welcome the ghosts of the dead.
  • William Shatner: Warped factor five! The legendary actor William Shatner has a weird Halloween connection. The mask worn by killer Michael Myers in the 1978 film Halloween is a kids’ Star Trek novelty mask painted white. Yes, you guessed it – it’s Captain Kirk!
  • Trick Or Treat: The tradition of kids knocking on doors to ask for candy, or a surprise originates from Irish immigrants, again - though the modern thing is because manufacturers issued Halloween-themed packaging on their candies from the 1920s onwards!


The Best Halloween Items on offer at EverythingBranded


  1. These Light Up Skull Party Mugs are perfect for raising brand awareness while your customers are raising their spirits! Shaped like a skeleton head and able to light-up, they’re perfect for any Halloween events at bars, clubs, and restaurants. No bones about it!
  2. Perfect for gifting to customers, clients, and friends, this Halloween Treat Kit is a fun way to get your identity out there. Your business or organization logo can be printed onto a non-woven Jack-O-Lantern bag which comes with fun-size candies and a custom card in a gift box. Spooktacular!
  3. Believe it or not, there are eco-friendly options available for Halloween – including these Halloween Pumpkin Seeds. Three designs are available, and each can be branded with your log to raise brand awareness and demonstrate your eco-credentials. Each packet of pumpkin seeds features a generous scoop of seeds – and superb promo potential!
  4. Perhaps your customers want to dress up for Halloween and will be assembling some form of costume. These Halloween Witch Hats are great for them to wear at carnivals, costume parties and other events. When they’re branded up with your logo they’re striking enough to make a big impression.
  5. You think ‘celebration’ and it’s a fair bet that you’ll also think ‘balloons’. These Halloween Balloons are the perfect inflatables for putting your brand into the middle of every party! Ghoulish patterns and great Halloween-themed colors make them a Hallow-win!


We also stock lots of other Halloween promotional items here, and once you’ve decided what you would like to buy you can work out a plan of how to brand for Halloween. Simply get in touch with the EverythingBranded team and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a quote so you can get your Halloween promo plan bubbling!

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