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Pooch promo: Branded items on National Dog Day and beyond

9th August 2022 in Pets & animals

Dog Day... We’ve probably just got movie fans reading this quite excited, but the Dog Day we’re talking about in this blog has nothing to do with Al Pacino - unless he’s a dog owner, of course (and the latest intel suggests he has a couple of Westies).

Since 2004, each August 26th has been National Dog Day. It’s a celebration of our country’s family dogs, working dogs and those unfortunate canines which need to be rehomed or rescued. They say dogs are man’s best friend, and National Dog Day is a great time to pay back that incredible loyalty by making them the center of attention.

It also means there’s a great opportunity for your dog-related business or organization to invest in some promotional dog swag to act as giveaways, gifts, or small sale items. We know you’re straining at the leash to find out what amazing, branded pet products we have here at EverythingBranded, but first let’s paws awhile to talk about dogs…



Working dogs

First up, working dogs. Looking back through fairly recent history, you only have to consider how sniffer dogs were integral to the rescue operations on 9/11 to realize how important animals are across our country, and that they are more than just domestic pets. Search dogs accompanied over 100 teams on the wreckage of the WTC, sniffing out the lost and injured. The tragedy’s aftermath was also a new era for therapy dogs. On many other occasions incredible working dogs have contributed to the greater good, not just in times of national disaster and trauma.

Guide dogs and other service dogs, for example, are amazing aspects of our society. They are special dogs which are bred, raised, and trained to partner individuals who are blind or visually impaired, or to assist veterans and children with autism. These dogs increase the confidence, mobility, and independence of their owner, and we salute them for it!



Family dogs

Incredibly, the 2017 / 2018 Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook revealed that there are almost 77 million dogs owned by 48.25 million households in the USA. That’s a lot of dog food, a lot of dog toys and a lot of walks! It’s also a lot of fuss for our canine friends. What is it about them that makes us love them, whatever the breed? It’s probably their absolute loyalty, and the fact that they worship us. There’s that funny old saying “A dog thinks you are there to be worshipped, and a cat thinks you are there to worship it” - and that will ring true for anyone who owns either!

But where do our country’s dogs come from? Dogs were definitely in America 10,000 years ago (archaeologists discovered bones on a dig in Illinois) and DNA tests showed that these animals were related to Siberian stock, so probably travelled with humans who migrated here from Asia. Then, for some unknown reason, the DNA chain of ancient canines almost totally vanishes from history at the point when 15th-century colonists brought European dog breeds with them. Fascinating!

Modern domestic dogs come in all shapes and sizes and bring a lot of people a lot of pleasure – whether that’s simply the scruff curled up on the couch, or the exuberant family dog bouncing around playing ball with the kids in the yard, or the pampered and well-disciplined pooch who’s headed for ‘best in show’.



Rescue dogs

It’s too sad that there are many dogs without a home, or who have been mistreated, or are out on the street as strays. There are also humane societies and groups which work to remove animals from immoral situations. There are many organizations across America which work to tackle these issues and rescue these dogs. They all deserve your attention and a charitable donation if you feel you can make one.

Here on the EverythingBranded website we stock lots of promotional pet items which are suitable for any animal-related business, organization, charity, campaign, or event to use for raising awareness. From simple ‘wins’ like branded dog collars through to more elaborate items like this pet umbrella that’s perfect for keeping your furry friend dry when you’re out walking in the rain, and many more in-between. There are so many items which can be given away as gifts to help generate some goodwill and raise brand awareness, and there are plenty of items which can be branded with your logo or campaign message and put on sale during fundraisers.



Here's a trio of our favorites…

  1. This pet accessory bag contains a little bit of everything you need to keep a dog happy. Inside the bag, which can be printed with your logo, you'll find two collapsible food and water bowls, a secure zip compartment and a detachable zip case perfect for stashing away a few treats, waste bags or other essentials.
  2. Dogs are a huge source of fun – playing with them can bring you so much joy, as well as help you work on your fitness. This Fetch-It Dog Toy can be printed with your logo, so during those throw and fetch sessions in the park your brand awareness will take flight - if not amongst the humans then definitely the dog community!
  3. This rain resistant LED Dog Collar is perfect for walking at night, making the dog unique and visible. With three adjustable lighting modes (constant on, fast flash and slow flash) it’s an eye-catching way to get your bran into the spotlight!


We stock many other dog and pet related promotional items at EverythingBranded, and once you’ve found something you like the look of and think will tie in to your promo activities simple get in touch with our team and they’ll generate a quote for you. We’ll have you wagging your tail in no time!

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