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Should 'Take Your Dog To Work Day' Be Every Day?

22nd June 2018 in Days of the year

'Take Your Dog To Work Day' is one of the biggest events of the year, where businesses all over the world allow their workers to bring their furry friends into the office. As people all over America pack up their pooches and head to work, we started thinking, should dogs be allowed to go to work with their owners every day? Plenty of research has been conducted to work out how dogs in the workplace may affect staff and the working environment. Here we outline those benefits!

Hounds Make You Healthier

It is scientifically proven that having your canines around when at work dramatically effects employee health. Dogs often lead to an increase of morale and general happiness of staff which, in turn, results in better health. Not only this, but in office-based jobs, having dogs around will encourage employees to become more active! Where employees are usually sat at a desk throughout the day, they are more inclined to go for walks and play with the dogs making them more active than usual.

Reduce Sick Leave

The introduction of dogs to your working environment will reduce the amount of people that are absent from work. Less people will be calling in sick once you have wagging tails in your workplace. This has obvious benefits for any company as better attendance means better business!

Pups = Productivity

Although many may argue that dogs will only bring more distractions to their workforce, it has been proven to have the opposite effect, with happier employees completing tasks more easily.

EverythingBranded Take Your Dog To Work Day

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