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National Dog Day

26th August 2018 in Days of the year

About National Dog Day

National Dog Day is celebrated annually on August 26. A time to recognize man’s best friend and notice the impact they have on our daily lives. Created in 2004 by Colleen Paige, a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate. Colleen created it on this day, as it’s the date her family adopted their first dog. Dog Day celebrates all breeds, purebred and mixed and encourages you to adopt and support reputable breeders.

Interesting Dog Facts

Dogs are very intelligent animals they can detect changes in the human body and have been trained to help people with health problems. The US has the highest dog population in the world, around 89 million dogs live in US households. Did you know dogs’ sense of smell is 10,000 times greater than a human? Bloodhounds can trace scents that are over 300 years old. A Greyhound can run up to 45mph, making them one of the fastest land animals. When dogs poo, they prefer to do it in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field, the reason why is unknown. Dalmatians are pure white when they are born and will develop spots as they grow up.

Get Involved

Everybody can get involved in National Dog Day, why not volunteer at a local animal shelter? Or adopt a rescue dog, 3.3 million dogs enter an animal shelter in the US every year. You can help by donating any blankets or pet food to your local animal shelter. Why not treat your dog with a gift? At EverythingBranded we have a wide range of pet products for your canine companion. Our in-house design team can produce unlimited free visuals of your chosen product to ensure it is designed to your specific requirements. Check out our full range of pet products here. If you’re interested in any of our products, give our dedicated Account Managers a call today for advice on the right promotional product for your brand, 1800-586-1615.

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