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Chill Out With Polar Bear Products

19th February 2019 in Days of the year

Turn down your thermostat for International Polar Bear Day, February 27 is a day to recognize the polar bear and the challenges they face due to global warming. EverythingBranded takes a closer look at our own branded polar bear products.

Polar bears are a key indicator of how climate change has affected species, with their population greatly reducing over recent years. Forced to swim and walk long distances in order to find food.

Interesting Facts

Polar bears are found in the Arctic, Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Russia and Norway. A polar bear's diet includes seals, for it's high-fat content. In other cases they will also eat beluga whales and young walruses. Smelling prey up to a kilometer a way, half the life a polar will be spent hunting and less than 2% of those hunts are successful. Their stomach can hold 15-20% of its body weight, burning 12,325 calories a day. Out of all mammals polar bears have one of the slowest reproductive rates, however they can live up to 30 years. Top of the food chain in the Arctic. They have only one known predator, human beings. But it's not just climate change that is threatening polar bears, oil spills can reduce the insulating effect of a bears fur. This requires them to use more energy in order to get warmer and will poison them if ingested.

Why did the two bears break up at the North Pole? They were polar opposites.

What you can do

Donate: If you're feeling generous there are plenty of charities looking for donations to support polar bears like Polar Bears International and WWF

Spread Awareness: Share information about your polar bear charity event on social media or share any photos and facts.

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