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Market Focus: Promotion & Merchandising Within the Hotel Sector

18th August 2022 in Marketing & branding

Across the country there are almost 100,000 hotels and motels, with almost 5 million guest rooms between them. That is a heck of a lot of potential people to market to – so if you’re a business supplying hotel chains or small independently-owned hotel or motel businesses with room accessories (trash liners or bathroom kit etc) then you are going to get a great deal out of investing in promotional products for hotels. If you’re a hotel or chain itself, too, you might be looking to brand up very tidily with some bespoke merchandise for hotels – and that’s where EverythingBranded steps into the picture.

We have a vast range of promotional items suitable for the hotel industry, each of which can be printed with your hotel’s logo. From simple items which can be gifted to guests (or, say, conference attendees if your hotel is hired out for an event), to other items more suitable for remaining on premises, we have something for you. You might also be a hotel looking to drum up more trade amongst the public, so in need of marketing materials to raise brand awareness. Branded items for hotels are big business, and you’ll be amazed when you browse our site and see the variety on offer.

Branding for hotels is worth the effort and the investment. Products with your logo printed on them are going to add value to the overall experience for your guests, as these items combine into a feel which suggests that you are clean and tidy as well as highly efficient and know exactly what you are doing. Your competence to provide a brilliant hotel experience will never be called into question.

Hotel room promotional ideas include the items in the rooms which are part and parcel of everyday life for any guest – the pillows on the bed, the care kit in the bathroom, the notepad on the desk or shelf. Each of these can be printed with your brand identity. Here, we’ve looked into the health, beauty, and daily care products which a hotel can offer and selected a few of our favorite items.


Our Top Promo Items Which are Ideal for Hotels


  1. This Rugged On-The-Go Kit is probably something most suitable for hotels which are higher end and have a decent amount of marketing spend. They’re a prestige product which, when gifted to guests, really lets the quality of your hotel shine. A small travel toiletry bag with handle contains a stain remover pen, foldable lint roller, shoeshine, and easy grip nail clipper – the items a traveler may commonly forget. Not now! This kit, with your logo on it, is going to be a truly welcome guest gift.
  2. These days everyone is much more conscious of the importance of cleaning their hands, and it’s very common for people to carry a small dispenser of Hand Sanitizer around with them. Why not take advantage of this, and include a couple of bottles in the welcome package awaiting guests as they enter their room for the first time? Printed with your logo and used time and again each day, this is a smart way to get some recurring marketing going.
  3. Again, small products which can be given as room gifts will end up being taken off premises – which means your hotel brand will get out there into the world and get noticed. This Lip Balm And Sun Stick is a great product for the modern era when everyone’s aware of doing what they can to protect themselves from the sun’s rays while also enjoying them!
  4. Everyone loves hotel keychains, even though some hotels have switched to swipe cards. If your hotel has done that, you could offer souvenir keychains as a gift or small sale item so that guests have a lasting souvenir of their stay. If your hotel still uses actual keys as room-keys then it’s a great idea to invest in branded Key Chains as a way to achieve a uniform image.
  5. We mentioned the sun a couple of paragraphs ago – but not everywhere is sunny, and even those places that are sunny much of time still have rainy days. So why not invest in some promotional Umbrellas? When they’re printed with your hotel identity these will – obviously – be used outdoors so will get you noticed, even though it’s raining!

Whichever items you choose to go with, EverythingBranded are with you every step of the way when it comes to accomplishing your marketing objectives. We will ensure you get your message across in most stylish and effective way possible through our years of experience and knowledge. Why not get in touch now, or contact us by phone, to speak to one of our friendly experts today.

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