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International Day of Friendship – How to Build Business Relationships Which Last

30th July 2022 in Days of the year

Saturday 30th July is International Day of Friendship – a great occasion for thinking about personalized business gifts.

According to the United Nations, the International Day of Friendship is a chance to promote friendship between countries, cultures, and individuals in the hope that this will inspire global peace efforts, build bridges between communities and foster sustainable cooperative development. That’s great! But what does ‘friendship’ actually mean? It’s a nebulous concept. The exact definition is unique to each person and to each friendship. That’s the beauty of human beings - infinitely complex creatures! In general, though, we can loosely think of friendship as a combination of shared experiences, bonds of camaraderie and ties of trust.

Almost exactly the same definitions could be applied in the business community. The relationships between companies which have worked to build trust and understanding can be thought of as friendships. They are beneficial in terms of time spent, results generated and overall satisfaction. Companies you work with which you can rely on are your friends – and like all friendships, it’s good to stay ‘open’ and to put some effort into maintaining or bettering the relationship. It’s also good to celebrate that once in a while!

This is where EverythingBranded comes in, as your choice for sourcing promotional giveaways which could be used as gifts. The practice of corporate gifting is a great way to invest goodwill in your friendships, and there are many items here at EverythingBranded which are suitable and can be printed with your logo or message.


Our Top 3 Gifts for Building Relationships in Business

  1. This Atrium Barclay Glass Gift Set, for example, is a really stylish way to express business friendship. It contains a glass business card holder and a glass message pad holder in a presentation box – and when branded with your identity it’s sure to make a lasting impression.
  2. Something else very special is this beautiful Rosewood Humidor. Designed with a piano finish, this cigar box measures 2" x 9.88" x 7.19" and features a built-in hygrometer and humidifier, and a Spanish cedar interior. You can add a brand name, logo, or message to create a truly classy gift!
  3. For something a little more modest but equally stylish is the Balmain Executive Parisian Pen Set. This two-piece set features a pair of pens with twist action mechanism, removable cap, and black ink cartridge. Great for smaller businesses which want to create a smart but practical gift. There are many other branded business gifts suitable on International Day of Friendship – just browse our site and see!


Raising Awareness through Branded Awards

Similarly, taking good care of the relationships your business or organization has with its own staff is important, too. A smart way to mark their value and importance to your company culture is to give out awards from time to time. This formal recognition can instill even more pride throughout your workforce – and it’s also a subtle way to raise some brand awareness. Winners may brag about it on social media or display the award in their home.

These Progressive Awards are made of clear acrylic and are attached to rounded and beveled acrylic bases. Impressive looking – and your logo will stand out. For something a little more fun, this Custom Branded Award Trophy suggests ideas of a whole ‘themed’ awards ceremony for your star employees… There are plenty of others to pick from too.

Whatever your choice of customized business gifts or awards, at the root of your decision is friendship. International Day of Friendship is a great time to give thanks for those important interpersonal connections – whether you’re in business or not. If you are interested in ordering from EverythingBranded, just get in touch with our helpful team and they’ll be happy to generate a quote for you.

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