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National Coffee Day: September 29th

28th September 2022 in Days of the year

National Coffee Day is almost upon us! Who doesn’t love the chance to celebrate the nation’s favorite beverage, whilst getting freebies, sending a gift, or simply just enjoying drinking it in the process? September 29th is the day to do just that! The opportunity to celebrate for a second time comes just days later with International Coffee Day on October 1st, a day which aims not only to promote coffee globally, but to recognize the efforts of people from around the world whose work ensures we can enjoy our daily caffeine-fix - farmers, coffee shop owners, tasters, roasters, baristas, the list goes on.

The United States are a nation of avid coffee lovers. We’ve got the Boston Tea Party of 1773 to thank for that – the year coffee took over from tea as the nation’s undisputed favorite! 7 in 10 Americans drink coffee every week, whilst over half drink it every day – that’s more than water! This puts us in the global top 25 largest consumers of coffee per head! There’s no wonder, then, that National Coffee Day should become a special day for all of us – 150 million daily coffee drinkers to be exact. With this, comes endless opportunity to use branded merchandise to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Maybe you own a coffee shop or café and wish to make someone’s visit extra memorable this National Coffee Day? Not only that, but if you’re a company who offer a coffee loyalty rewards scheme, why not give out a free gift along with free coffee! You may think that coffee-themed merchandise is only relevant for coffee-themed businesses? Of course, if you are a coffee shop, it may be more obvious to utilize merchandizing during this special day, but any business can get involved to gain valuable brand exposure. After all, it isn’t just people who visit coffee shops that drink coffee – studies have shown that on average, office workers drink around 20 cups of coffee whilst at work every week! A useful staple in every office, coffee products are sure to make a great choice for corporate gifting, whether that be at your next event leading up to National Coffee Day, or simply showing appreciation to your client.


Here at EverythingBranded, we’ve put together our favorite custom coffee mugs and coffee products for National Coffee Day:


  1. Custom Coffee Mugs

Of course, when enjoying a delicious coffee, a trusted coffee mug is a must! Printed with your logo or message, handing out custom coffee mugs for National Coffee Day is sure to impress any recipient. We have an extensive range of customized coffee mugs on offer, with many different sizes, designs and prices to suit any marketing budget. It goes without saying that custom coffee mugs are a great form branding for coffee shops, however any brand can use customized coffee mugs to gain daily brand exposure.


  1. Coffee Sleeve

No one wants to start the day burning their hands on a cup of coffee that was just a little too hot! Our Coffee Sleeves, available in reusable neoprene or packs of disposable paper sleeves offer the perfect solution. Great for on the go, people can simply pop the sleeve over your own coffee cup or shop bought coffee.


  1. Coasters

If you’re wanting to diversify your choice of gifts, why not take a look at our range of Coasters. Drinking hot beverages increases the risk of leaving unwanted marks and stains on surfaces. This is a great practical gift which can be used in both the home and the office.


Wanting an eco-friendly choice?

Attempts to be more sustainable when it comes to our coffee are on the rise. Fair Trade has come a long way in recent years, with sales now outperforming uncertified coffee. As a forward-thinking business, you may want to contribute to this upwards trend of sustainability by opting for a more eco-friendly giveaway.


  1. Coffee Stirrers

Ever had your own experience of popping over to the coffee machine at work and you’ve ran out of Coffee Stirrers? Or maybe you’re away on a trip and need something to stir the sugar into that instant blend? Our high-quality Plastic Coffee Stirrers offer a waste-cutting alternative to the disposable wooden stirrers which soon run out. With space to add your logo, these stirrers are a great option for coffeehouse gifting.


  1. Reusable Coffee Cup

We’ve probably all seen coffee shops sell reusable cups as part of their pledge to be more eco-friendly and reduce waste. But why not make them free this National Coffee Day. With the cost of living on the rise, many people may be put off by the extra cost. Whilst offering a more convenient option, our Reusable Coffee Cups can help boost your brand’s name as an environmentally conscious business, and get them cheaper coffee when they shop in the future – it really is a win for everyone!

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