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Set The Mood With Halloween Food!

18th October 2018 in Days of the year

Once you've picked out your costume the next most important thing is your themed Halloween food for your Halloween event! Normally, we like our food to not only taste delicious but also look appetizing. However, that is not the case during Halloween. The creepier and more revolting the dishes look, the better!

If you want to throw an epic Halloween party, then this roundup of freaky foods is for you. Be it an office party or a family one, get inspired and creepy in the kitchen with these Halloween foods!


These little jack-o-lanterns are easy to make and look great! Use orange peppers to create the perfect mini pumpkin then stuff with rice and chilli. Easy, fun and a lot less work than carving an actual pumpkin!



These monster brownies are a fun take on a classic! To make just follow your normal brownie recipe and once cooled, add a small s chocolate biscuit and ice your monster face of. Creepy but cute!


Liven up your Halloween party with these crowd pleasing Pumpkin Dirt Pudding Graveyard Parfaits. Fill small jars with your favorite chocolate mousse then sprinkle crushed cookies on top to create the 'soil' look. Complete by adding a pre-iced cookie to make the gravestones!



These severed fingers in a bun taste a lot better than they look! Prepare hot dogs as you normally would, then cut out  a section to look like a nail bed. Then, make a few cuts with a knife to represent the knuckles.  Last but not least, place the hot dogs in a bun already doused with ketchup!


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