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Festive Games For Your Office Christmas Party

30th October 2018 in Days of the year

Looking for some games to shake up your Christmas party? Surprise your hard-working employees with these fun festive games to celebrate the end of the year. Games also make the perfect icebreaker for any new employees to learn more about their colleagues, here are a few for your office to try out. Remember to mix up people from different departments to help encourage them to get to know each other. Most Festive Work Space Content Host a little competition by encouraging your employees to decorate their cubicle in a festive theme. Wrap up your desk and items in Christmas paper, sprinkle around some glitter and fake snow. Why not consider giving out prizes to the winner? A great game for all to show off their creativity. Here at EverythingBranded, we offer a range of Christmas decorations that you can use in your office to give it that touch of festive spirit. Name that Christmas tune The perfect inexpensive game to play at any time, all you need is a paper and pen. Sort your employees into teams and play your Christmas playlist over a speaker. An ideal game for getting your employees interacting with each other and promoting good teamwork. Make sure to mix it up with old and new songs Get people to sing along to make this even more fun. Christmas Guess Who Ask your employees to bring in an old baby photo of them and challenge your employees to guess who is in the photo. Label each photo with a number and stick them up on a wall. Get your employees to write down their guesses and whoever guesses the most wins a prize. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Encourage your employees to wear their ugliest Christmas sweater for a day and choose some judges to decide the top three winners. A good change for those offices with a smart dress code. These Christmas sweaters can be bought or even be handmade, as long as they’re ugly! Holiday Photo Booth Create a small photo booth in your office with a Christmas backpack drop, make sure you have a phone or camera to take photos. Include holiday props like elf hats, Santa’s beard, Reindeer noses and candy canes. Candy Cane Challenge To do this you’ll need different flavors of candy canes, start by blindfolding one of your employees and get them to guess the flavor of each candy cane. Give out a prize to the winner who gets the most right. You can buy branded candy canes here. Wrap Race An exciting game to bring your employees together. Split them up into teams, have two players going up against each other to see who can wrap a present the fastest. All you’ll need is gift wrap, scissors and tape. We can even supply the gift wrap for you! Branded with your own message or logo.  

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