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Get Yourself Brand Ready this Labor Day

5th August 2022 in Days of the year

Labor Day takes place on the first Monday of each September – so, this year, celebrations are on 5th, and there will be the usual parades, picnics, barbecues, firework displays and other public gatherings up and down the country.


What exactly is Labor Day and why do we celebrate it? 

The annual occasion recognizes the fantastic contribution of workers to the development of our great nation. If you’re a business owner or boss, Labor Day also offers a great chance to recognize the efforts of your own staff and thank them.

Labor Day eventually developed from the efforts and activities of labor unions in the period spanning the 18th and late 19th-century. They strove to highlight the unacceptably poor employment conditions for workers, and many protest strikes and rallies (and even some rioting) led to issues being addressed. The improvements generated included this ‘working man’s holiday’ which was eventually written into law by Congress in 1894.


What does Labor Day have to do with promotional products and your organization? 

History lesson over! What does Labor Day mean for you and your business in terms of marketing and promotional activities?

As we mentioned a moment ago, it’s a great time to reward your employees. When you gift them promotional products for Labor Day, they’re going to be grateful and feel motivated – especially if the items are useful to them in their daily lives. They’ll become proud ‘ambassadors’ of your business outside the workplace, and that is really valuable to you in terms of raising brand awareness.

The smaller items you could think about giving to them are keychains, mugs, tote bags and water bottles – the kind of things which you might also include in an ‘employee welcome pack’. But, because your workers are your biggest asset and you want them to know you recognize that, there’s always the option to go a bit bigger and gift more impressive prestige items such as headphones, fashionable track jackets, leather wallets or multi-tools.

All of these items – in fact everything we stock – can be printed with your logo or perhaps even a Labor Day ‘thankyou’ message to your employees. When these gifts are used in their everyday private lives they’ll be seen, and so the identity of your company will reach many other people it otherwise might not.

You can also offer customized products for Labor Day to your customers, clients, and business callers. Everybody’s awareness of the occasion is heightened in advance, and so having a stock of branded items on the counter-top of your store or at the reception desk is a smart move as they’ll be noticed immediately, and people will want to take one away with them. Things like keychains, pens and stress balls mean people have a useful item to take away with them, which has been branded up to feature your logo.


Celebrate this Labor Day with customized products

Parties are pretty big on Labor Day! People like to gather to celebrate the workforce and our nation, so offering promotional products for Labor Day which can help keep the good times swinging are a great idea. People are more receptive to messaging when they’re in a good mood – so it’s a great time to do a bit of marketing! Bottle openers are always going to be a win, and so are American Flag Lunch Bags - but other items will add to the great atmosphere, such as this flag-spinning wand, for example.

At EverythingBranded we’re also able to offer a fantastic ‘rush’ service on certain products, for when your turnaround is quick, and you want those items fast! You can see the overall range of things we can supply very quickly here, but best sellers amongst this selection include drawstring bags, notebooks and lip moisturizer.

Investing in promotional products is always a must on your marketing plan – especially when Labor Day is coming. Every year millions of people enjoy this special day – and that’s a lot of opportunity for your business or organization to put itself right in the middle of celebrations with some quality Labor Day branded items.

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