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International Tongue Twister Day

8th November 2018 in Days of the year

Get ready to wish a wish you wish to wish, because today is International Tongue Twister Day!

A tongue twister is a short rhyme that is difficult to articulate, especially when spoken in a sequence quickly. Tongue twisters have fascinated people throughout history and most languages, including sign language have their own versions of tongue twisters. In sign language, they are known as finger fumblers. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most difficult tongue twister in the English language is: “The sixth sick sheikh's sixth sheep's sick.” 

Did you know...

Victorian fossil hunter Mary Anning was the inspiration for the tongue twister ‘She Sells Sea Shells.’ It was originally a song, with words by Terry Sullivan and music by Harry Gifford, written in 1908, inspired by Mary Anning’s life. Peter Piper (of the peck of pickled peppers), was also an actual person. Pierre Poivre was a 18th century French horticulturist AND PIRATE. Yes, you heard right. The french horticulturist pirate whose name, once translated to English, becomes "Peter Pepper". Poivre was notorious for stealing spice nuts (known as “peppers”) from Dutch trade ships, and using them to plant in his garden and make more available and affordable to public. International Tongue Twister Day encourages you to give your tongue a work out and challenge your friends to the most convoluted and difficult tongue twisters of the year. How many knots will you tie YOUR tongue into this year?

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