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Brighten Up Your Website For Easter

27th March 2019 in Days of the year

Hop on your website

Flowers blooming, Easter eggs and spring colours are upon us. It’s time to correspond this in the digital world. Why not add a bit of spring to your website with pastel colors and bright images. This blog is your digital guide to blossom your website this Easter. Easter | EverythingBranded USA

Designing Your Website For Easter

Firstly, you need to consider your colour schemes. Easter along with Spring is strongly recognised by its pastel colours, so you may want to consider subtle changes. I understand that some companies have strong colour schemes which can’t be changed drastically, therefore small changes are better. Less is more.   Once you have considered pastel colours, you can experiment with different fonts. Trying out cursive fonts will give your website a more happy and positive vibe. This again is a small change that will make a huge difference. You may want to have a look at some spring themed fonts online.   Visuals play a big part in the online industry, therefore adding Easter inspired pictures would be a good way of making your website suitable for Easter. There are loads of graphics to choose from, so there’s one for every website!   Banners on your homepage are a great way drawing people in. These could be headers including your chosen colour scheme and fonts that will tie up nicely with any changes you may make.   One way of getting in to the Easter spirit is by adding Easter puns and jokes to your blogs. This is a great way of engaging with your audiences and adding a sense of humour.   Social Media also ties in with your website. Be sure to post Easter inspired posts to link with your theme. This is a great way of encouraging audiences to check out your website as well.   This final tip may be a little obvious but saying ‘Happy Easter!’ on your website is fundamental. This will add a sense of Easter vibes to your website as well!  

Details and Social Media

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