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Gratitude Month: How to say Thank You This Holiday Season

4th November 2022 in Winter & Christmas

It’s officially that time of the year! As we close in on 2022 it’s important that we reflect on the positives and show our gratitude to those who have helped us throughout the year.

Employees and customers play a massive role in businesses and organizations' success year in, and year out, so why not reward them for their hard work and unconditional loyalty to your brand? Expressing your gratefulness to your employees and customers for everything they do for your business is a fantastic way to boost morale and show that you care.

A great way to showcase your gratitude towards your employees and customers is through the gifting of customized promotional products.

Not only are customizable promotional products ideal for showing your appreciation they also act as an exceptional marketing tool for your business and can help improve your brand’s visibility, recall and reputation.

Here at EverythingBranded, we have selected some of our favorite customizable promotional products, that demonstrate your gratitude whilst acting as an effective marketing tool furthering your brand’s image and awareness.

1. Custom Water Bottles

Custom water bottles are an extremely versatile promotional product that carry huge potential from their large print areas, various sizes and materials. Not only are they suitable for businesses within a whole host of industries they are a practical promotional product that can be used year-round meaning they never stop raising awareness for your business. Custom water bottles are also environmentally friendly meaning they can boost your brand’s reputation in an ever-growing eco-conscious world. Gifting custom water bottles to your employees and customers is also a great way to create unity within your workplace encouraging teamwork and togetherness in the new year.

2. Custom Greeting Cards

Custom greeting cards are an affordable way to showcase your gratitude to employees and customers this holiday season and can be paired with other Christmas promotional products found on our website. Coming in a range of sizes and designs (including my personal favorite 3D greeting card) custom greeting cards are the perfect promotional product for small and large businesses due to their low-cost and recyclable nature. We also carry a range of eco-friendly greeting cards made of seed paper that can be planted once the holiday season has passed providing employees and customers with a constant reminder of your generosity and brand as their plant begins to sprout.

3. Custom Pens

Custom pens are one of the most popular types of promotional products and with good reason, 79% of people use custom pens that they have received as a freebie! I mean this isn’t surprising as who doesn’t love a good freebie? Not only are custom pens practical they are long-lasting, high-quality branded pens such as BIC can produce a line of around 2km, that’s a line over four times longer than the height of the empire state building! With all that writing potential your employees and customers are certain to be set for the new year. At EverythingBranded we stock a huge variety of custom pens ranging from custom novelty pens, custom metal stylus pens and custom banner pens. Just because it’s a pen doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

4. Custom Candy

Everyone loves a bit of candy from time to time, and there is no doubt that chocolate is a timeless way to thank others for everything that they have done for you. Gifting custom chocolate promotional products to your employees and customers is a fantastic way to improve your brand’s reputation and boost morale within your workplace. Not only are custom chocolate products affordable and budget-friendly they come in a wide array of styles and selections meaning you are sure to find something to satisfy everyone.

5. Custom Stress Balls

Custom stress balls are a classic promotional product and with good reason! Custom stress balls come in a wide variety of shapes, materials and sizes meaning that no matter what industry you are in you are more than 100% certain to find a custom stress ball that reflects your business or organization. What’s a better way to say thank you than a custom stress ball that helps relieve all that tension and frustration that rushes through all our veins from time to time? Not only are custom stress balls a fun novelty promotional product they have some serious health benefits such as the ability to relieve arthritis pains, improve concentration and creativity and improve sleep! All these health benefits are just an additional bonus to all the marketing one of these cost-effective polyurethane balls can do for your business. From increasing your brand exposure and visibility to improving your brand’s recall and longevity custom stress balls are the ideal marketing tool for any business or organization.


If you are looking to express your gratitude to your employees and customers in a slightly different way this holiday season, no need to fear here at EverythingBranded we have plenty of promotional products perfect for demonstrating how thankful you truly are. If you are struggling, get in touch with one of our amazing sales team members who can help you throughout the entire process. So, what are you waiting for? Show your employees and customers just how grateful you are this gratitude month with the help of top-of-the-range promotional products from EverythingBranded.

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