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Get in a pickle with Promotional Pickle Products

14th November 2018 in Days of the year

STOP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING, because today is national pickle day and we have the perfect promotional pickle products to go with it! 

National Pickle Day is observed annually on November 14. Be it Dill, Gherkin, Cornichon, Brined, Kosher Dill, Polish, Hungarian, Lime, Bread and Butter, Swedish and Danish, or Kool-Aid Pickle. Whichever your choice of pickle is, we encourage you to eat them all day long. The term pickle comes from the Dutch word pekel, meaning brine. Pickles were a popular food some 4,000 years ago, when cucumbers were first imported from India, as they weren't commonly found in Europe or North Africa.

Pickle facts you probably didn't know

  • Each year in the United States, 5,200,000 pounds of pickles are consumed.
  • Pickles are a great snack, low in calories and a good source of vitamin K, though they can be high in sodium. When served on a stick at festivals, fairs or carnivals, pickles are sometimes known as “stick pickles”.
  • A rising trend in the United States is deep-fried pickles which have a breading or batter surrounding the pickle spear or slice.
  • For thousands of years, pickles have been a popular food dating back to 2030 B.C.  At that time, cucumbers were imported from India to the Tigris Valley where they were first preserved and eaten as pickles.
  •  Cleopatra attributed her good looks to her diet of pickles.
  • Julius Caesar fed pickles to his troops believing that they lent physical and spiritual strength.

How to Celebrate Pickle Day

The real way to celebrate this day, and I’m sure you’ll agree, is to consume as many pickles as humanly possible. You can eat them straight of of a jar (use a fork you animal) but if you feel like trying your hand at a new dish, why not try whipping up a traditional Polish pickle soup? Want to take your love for pickles a step further? How about promotional pickle products, perfect as fun giveaway giftS!

To celebrate International Pickle Day EverythingBrandedUSA takes a closer look at our promotional pickle products!

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