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Branded Products For National Oregon Day

8th March 2019 in Days of the year

"Oregon is an inspiration. Whether you come to it, or are born to it, you become entranced by our state's beauty, the opportunity she affords, and the independent spirit of her citizens." - Tom McCall

March 8 is National Oregon Day, a time to recognize the 33rd state known for its wild west past and scenic landscapes. Oregon was founded in 1859 and now has a population of over 4 million. A theory suggests that this state gets it's name from the French-Canadian word "ouragan" meaning "hurricane." Referring to the powerful winds that comes from the Columbia River.

Interesting Facts

Oregon's state flag is the one in the US to have different designs on each side, the state seal and a gold beaver. The Crater Lake is the deepest in the US from the remains of a volcano, formed around 7700 years ago. Home to two islands Wizard Island and Phantom Ship. The state motto is "She flies with her own wings." The brand Nike started here, the swoosh logo was designed by Portland State University student Carolyn Davidson in 1971. The company originally called Blue Ribbon Sports bought her design for $35 dollars. Birthplace of many famous people including former figure skater Tonya Harding and Matt Groening creator of the Simpsons. Oregon even inspired the Simpson's hometown Springfield. A popular activity is mushroom hunting, home to the world's largest mushroom that spans about 2.4 miles in the states Blue Mountains. Estimated to be 2,400 years old. There is even a festival called "the Estacada Festival of the Fungus", where people will travel to the state to find the rarest delicacies. The famous Oregon Trail stretches 2200 miles.

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