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Don't Let Our Spaghetti Promotional Products Pasta You By

4th January 2019 in Days of the year

Spaghetti, one of the world’s favorite household dishes and more than deserving of its own little holiday!

But why stop there? Custom spaghetti promotional products are a great was to celebrate this simple and delicious dish.

The History of Spaghetti Day

Many people don’t know that the first historical reference to boiled noodles suggests that the Arabs invented the dish thousands of years ago, long before it became a staple of Italian cuisine. What’s especially remarkable about this is that historical records actually refer to dried noodles being purchased from a street vendor, which means that pasta has been sold in stores since at least the 5th century A.D.! Of course, today we associate pasta with the Italians, who revolutionized the dish and invented a wide variety of pasta shapes.

The first Western pasta was likely long, thin forms made in Sicily around the 12th century; till this day, spaghetti is the most common round-rod type of pasta and in Italian, “spaghetti” means “little lines.” However, the popularity of pasta only spread across the whole country of Italy after the establishment of pasta factories in the 19th century, substantially shortening the time needed for making dishes like spaghetti and enabling the mass production of pasta for the Italian market. The steady flow of Italian immigrants to the United States brought traditional Italian dishes with it, and spaghetti was offered in restaurants as early as the 19th century. Spaghetti then gained popularity all over the world.

Another thing we love about National Spaghetti day is the pasta puns that come with it!

  • Life is about exploring pasta-bilities.
  • Pasta la vista, baby.
  • I cannoli shake my head and marvel at how fantastic you are
  • Penne for your thoughts.

To celebrate National Spaghetti Day, we take a closer look at some of our spaghetti promotional products!

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