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Promotional Branding for Your High School or College

24th July 2022 in School & colleges

You are a school, college, or university. Generating a sense of togetherness is important as a supporting factor in the learning experience. So how do you go about reinforcing your identity and encouraging that sense of community and that feeling of pride amongst staff, pupils, and parents?

Branded goods are a really great start. These days most places of education have some kind of accessory items featuring their logo. These things may get handed out – and in some cases they may even be up for sale and become highly desirable or even collectible.

Uniform is also key – things like branded hoodies or printed school jackets for pupils. When you think about it, a school is a team with all the staff, teachers and pupils working towards the same goal – a great education. Like all other teams a level of consistency is highly desirable. A uniform (like a kit, in sports) is a great way of focusing mentality when heading towards a goal. Psychologically, wearing uniform clothing is a great reminder that you belong - and that you have a common goal as well as your own individual aims. Uniform clothing items for colleges and schools are also good for raising awareness of your institution outside of it, too, when pupils are out and about.

In the case of day-to-day kits containing pencils and pens, or backpacks with school logo featured prominently on the back, printed items for schools and colleges are also incredibly useful in a practical sense. Branded with a logo, accessories and uniform all encourage efficiency and organization – desirable qualities.

Any type of customized item featuring the school, college or university logo is great for giveaways in fundraising raffles and auctions. These items are not necessarily specifically designed for education. Things like mugs, coasters, glasses, keychains, sunglasses, hats, air fresheners and more – just about anything you can think of could be branded up and put out there to promote your school, college or university.


Top Five School Items for Branding

  1. Keeping kids organized is key, and this can be achieved in part by offering these Custom Branded School Kits. With an attractive heathered outer (available in a choice of colors) which can be printed with your logo, and a fully lined interior, these cases are perfect for storing all of their necessary items. Each case already includes two pencils and an eraser, a pen, and a wooden ruler.
  2. The School Bus USB Drive is a very useful promo item with a big fun spin. Based on the traditional yellow school bus, this USB will drive engagement with your school! It can be printed with the school’s name along the side of the bus, and comes in 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities!
  3. These Pencil Boxes / School Supply Cases are a great basic item for branding your establishment. They’re simple, effective, and attractive, with a couple of compartments suitable for erasers, pencils and pens.
  4. This exciting Two-Tone Travel Backpack is available in black, blue or red and has a great look which will complement your school, college or university logo. It features a front zippered pocket and two zippered side pockets plus adjustable back straps as well as a padded interior with 3 inner pockets and pen loops.
  5. If ‘a bit of everything’ is your desire, then the School From Home Kit is the ideal choice for you. A polyester drawstring bag (with a zippered front pocket) contains an 80-sheet journal, a triple play stylus / pen / highlighter and a plastic water bottle. Everything kids need to get schoolwork done at home – and keep it neat with the school’s logo!

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