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It’s Nearly Time to Head Back to School!

11th August 2022 in School & colleges

The end of summer is nigh – and we all know what the means. It will soon be time for learners to go back to school, college, or university. It’s an exciting time for staff and parents, too. It’s the time of year when there’s a definite line between what’s been before and what’s coming next – and new beginnings always seem possible. This applies equally to any of your marketing plans. ‘Back to school’ is a great chance to reassess or upgrade and, particularly, to think about investing in new branded school items.

Branded marketing items for schools and other educational establishments or organizations are important. They’re not just ‘for show’. Like any other sort of team, a level of visual consistency is highly desirable for psychological reasons. It focuses mentality, reminds people that there is a common goal and reassures people that they belong. Making sure everyone feels like they’re part of something is as important in education as it is in other walks of life. Community is a great environment for learners, and one way to generate this is to provide items which have the logo of your institution on them.

EverythingBranded stocks a large selection of promotional products for schools, colleges  and universities, and they’re perfect for use in giveaways during freshers’ fairs, open days or at community events. They’re also great to donate, or sell, for any fundraising activities all the way through the academic year and beyond. Promo items can also be offered for sale, so that parents and learners can stock up on school-related branded products. In addition, any outsourced provider might like to offer some form of promotional material during their courses – for example, experts coming in to talk to learners about road awareness.

There are literally hundreds of diverse products you could choose to use for your promotional activities, so take a browse of the website and see. Items such as custom pens and promotional stationery are great choices as these are things people want to use on a day-to-day basis and offering something useful is a smart move. There are many different types of pens available, some of them in many different colors which means that you’ll be able to closely match your school’s already existing brand identity.

If you really want to make a statement, you could provide eco-friendly options such as pens or drink cups made from recyclable or low-impact sustainables. There are plenty of socially conscious product choices available from EverythingBranded. Paying a little bit more for eco products is worth it – for the wider effects, but also for the demonstration of your school’s commitment to issues which are going to become increasingly important for new generations.


Top 5 Favorite ‘Back to School’ Promotional Items

Here are some of favorite products for branding your school, college, university, or educational organization.

  1. This nicely packaged but modest Back To School Kit is available in different colors and can be easily printed with your logo, which means a smart representation of your brand identity. The kit contains a stapler with extra staples, tape dispenser, paper clips, two types of sticky notes and rubber bands. Perfect for giveaways when a very useful item is required.
  2. This smart and functional Custom Branded Back to School Kit features a translucent water bottle with gripper section and pop-top sipping lid and a non-woven polypropylene drawstring backpack. A really smart way to get your school’s identity out there!
  3. Customizable School Backpacks are a big win in promotional terms. When learners are out and about – either on campus or in public – your logo will be highly visible. This one features a two-tone design and padded interior, with two zippered side pockets and adjustable back straps. Plenty of room for a learner’s everyday essentials, and plenty of comfort.
  4. A School Bus USB Drive is a very eye-catching promo item due to its fun spin on the usual plain USB aesthetic. Made to represent the traditional yellow school bus, this USB can drive engagement with your educational establishment when it’s printed with the name. It comes in handy 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities.
  5. For a really simple giveaway promotional item you could opt for a Pencil Pouch School Kit. Pre-punched with holes so it can fit into ring binders, this translucent pouch contains a lead pencil, a Krypton ABS plunger-action pen, a natural wood finished 6" ruler, a Rase-A-Round thermoplastic rubber eraser and a white pencil sharpener. Printed with your school, college, or uni logo this is an essential – so it’s a quick and easy win!


Whatever your promotional needs, ‘back to school’ season is a great time to start looking for new products or thinking about updating older ones. Here at EverythingBranded we have a massive stock which covers just about everything you could possibly think of. Once you’ve had a browse and decided what you’d like to order, simply get in touch with our team and they’ll be happy to generate a quote for you.

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