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Topical: November is Education Month - Branding for Schools & Colleges

15th November 2022 in School & colleges

Promotional products are renowned for their ability to build brand awareness and recall for businesses and organizations who decide to implement them into their marketing campaign. You may associate them most commonly with tradeshows and events however, they also make fantastic marketing tools for schools and colleges who want to promote their educational services.

Now we all know that schools and colleges aren’t necessarily businesses, however, promotional and custom products can serve numerous benefits for the school, the students, and the parents such as their practicality, large printing areas and capability to build long-lasting relationships.

Here at EverythingBranded, we have a great selection of customizable school and college products that are ideal for making a statement without having to break the bank.

Our top 10 custom stationery products that we recommend for schools and colleges:

1. Custom Pens

Pens are in frequent use at schools and colleges for numerous reasons such as writing down important notes during class and completing homework, making using them as a marketing tool for your school or college a no-brainer. Custom pens are one of the most popular promotional items and for good reason. Not only are they low-cost, but they are also extremely practical and used daily by people across the country, with 79% of people using customized pens they received as a freebie frequently. Deciding to use custom pens in your marketing campaign is a guaranteed way to continuously make impressions and stay in the mind of your chosen recipient for the long term.

2. Custom Pencil Cases

Using promotional pencil cases in any marketing campaign is sure to raise impressions and brand awareness especially if you are a school or college. Not only are pencil cases great for storing all your stationery needs they can offer large printing areas, meaning you have more space to promote your logo and message. Customized pencil cases also pair fantastically with other personalized stationery here at EverythingBranded such as custom pens, rulers and erasers allowing you to keep all your marketing in one small transportable pouch!

3. Custom Erasers

We all tend to make mistakes now and then so why not help others fix them with your own range of personalized erasers that can be branded with your school or college’s logo and message. Branded erasers are the perfect promotional product for schools and colleges, not only are they practical but they are small and compact meaning they can be seen anywhere and easily create impressions and raise visibility for your educational services. One of my personal favorite customizable erasers has to be the Die Cut Star Eraser that offers an ideal printing area alongside a fun novelty shape making it perfect for rewarding students for their outstanding work in class.

4. Custom Rulers

Let’s face it drawing a straight line without the help of a ruler is extremely difficult especially when you are running out of time. So why not help your students out by giving out personalized rulers in your next marketing campaign? Not only are branded rulers cost-effective they come in a whole host of sizes and colors meaning you can find the perfect ruler to represent your school or college without having to spend your whole marketing budget. Alongside these factors, branded rulers are reusable and won’t run out, meaning they have longevity and are less likely to be chucked away and instead passed on to others creating new impressions!

5. Custom Pencil Sharpeners

You may not think it, but customized pencil sharpeners have the capability to be the perfect promotional product for your school or college. Not only are they affordable they are very practical and the perfect tool for giving blunt pencils a whole new lease of life. Custom pencil sharpeners are also one of the best promotional stationery products for schools and colleges as they are constantly being passed around to others in need of sharpening their pencil meaning they can easily make impressions for your school or college without you having to put much thought into it. One of my personal favorite personalized pencil sharpeners that we offer here at EverythingBranded has to be the Pencil Sharpener with Flip Top Box which allows you to keep all your pencil shavings in one place mess free.

6. Custom Notebooks and Notepads

Customized notebooks and notepads are an essential promotional product for any school or college. Personalized notebooks and notepads are used by students daily across the country and are a great way to encourage academic work. Not only are they highly practical and high-quality they can be extremely affordable and effective, meaning you can get the most out of your marketing budget while still taking a massive step towards achieving your marketing goals. Here at EverythingBranded, we have a huge range of promotional notebooks and notepads that are perfect for printing with your school or college’s branding and logo making marketing your services easier than ever.

7. Custom Sticky Notes

Make sure your branding sticks around with your own range of personalized sticky notes that are perfect for jotting notes down and improving recall. Sticky notes may not be the first promotional product you think of when it comes to promoting your school or college, but they can be extremely effective and help you remain in the mind of your target audience. Customized sticky notes are great to give away at open days alongside custom pens and other personalized stationery and can help improve your reputation as people notice that you truly care about your services and are willing to invest to help showcase this.

8. Custom Pencils

Similarly to custom pens, custom pencils are a great way to promote your school or college and come in a wide range of materials, colors and styles meaning you can be sure to find the perfect promotional pencil to represent your school or college. If you are looking to use multiple promotional products in your marketing campaign custom pencils can be paired with personalized pencil sharpeners so you can make sure your promotional product is always in top shape. The Budgeteer Pencil is one of my personal favorites that we offer here at EverythingBranded as it has full-color printing options and comes with an eraser at the end enhancing its practicality even more making it a staple in anyone’s pencil case.

9. Custom Bookmarks

Reading is always encouraged no matter what school or college you may attend or work at, providing your students with a customized bookmark is a fantastic way to try and encourage them to start reading more. Not only is reading a great habit to have, but it also has some serious benefits such as improved focus, memory, and communication skills. Here at EverythingBranded, we have a fantastic range of customizable bookmarks and if you’re looking to go down the eco-conscious route we even stock Seed Paper Bookmarks that can be planted once it is no longer needed allowing it to sprout into a new form of life!

10. Custom Desk Caddy

Desk Caddys are a great tool to have no matter what your occupation may be student or teacher. Not only are they extremely practical and a great promotional product for those looking to tidy up their workspace they offer fantastic printing areas and come in a variety of sizes and styles allowing them to perfectly match your marketing needs without breaking the bank. Desk Caddys also constantly make new impressions without having to be moved and can easily raise your brand’s visibility and awareness without any hassle.

Whatever your choice may be when it comes to promoting your school or college, you’re guaranteed to receive quality products from EverythingBranded. Browse our website and when you’re ready to order, contact us. Our friendly and efficient team will be more than happy to generate a quote for you.

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