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Promotional Auto Products For Your Brand

21st February 2019 in Automotive & cycling

Promotional auto products are a great way to get your brand into clients hands. EverythingBranded takes a closer look at our own range of auto products.

In the modern world we spend a large portion of our time in vehicles travelling to and from various activities. Therefore there is a big opportunity for brand exposure for any company to clients within the confines of their automobiles.

Air Fresheners

Promotional air fresheners are an excellent way to promote your brand. These products tend top be placed in easily visible areas, such as under rear-view mirrors, and are therefore looked at constantly when a client is driving. The promotional air fresheners are scented, and if a similar scent is present in a clients daily routine, they will have a high recall rate of your branding.  We also brand air vent fresheners with phone holders. These come with large printing areas and will securely hold phones with their anti-slip pad. Available in black, blue, white, and red.

Ice Scrapers

Check out our promotional ice scrapers, these are ideal products to brand and easily transportable to events. We have a large range to choose from, such as our shaped ice scrapers, key ring ice scrapers, and ice scraper mittens. We are fond of our promotional ice scraper mittens and gloves. They are perfect for keeping clients hands warm and free of ice when scraping their automobile windows. These are available in black, royal blue, red, dark gray, and navy.

Car Chargers

In modern times clients are always in a rush, and the last thing that needs to happen when panicking to get somewhere is to realize your phone has no battery. This is where our range of promotional car chargers come into play to alleviate these worries. Our promotional car chargers fit into most standard cigarette lighter ports and have multiple USB outputs to charge multiple devices.  Check out our multipurpose promotional car charger with escape safety tools. These promotional car chargers contain a concealed belt cutter and a glass breaker tool in the tip. These are perfect to brand and sell at safety exhibitions or as general use promotional products.

Sun Shades

Promotional sun shades with generous printing areas and great brand exposure potential at events such as automobile exhibitions. These promotional sun shades are designed to keep your automobiles cool. Most of the promotional sun shades we offer branding on can be easily folded down with spring-like action and are reflective. Check out our dual print promotional automobile sunshade, with a 16" print diameter, pictured right.


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