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Our Top 5 Favorite Automotive Promo Products

10th August 2022 in Automotive & cycling

When you’re looking to rev up ROI, branded auto products put you in the driving seat. Swag items emblazoned with the logo of your business, organization, campaign, or event can increase customer engagement, as well as accelerate brand awareness. There’s a large selection of car-themed merchandise available in the Automotive section of EverythingBranded and choosing the right gear won’t leave you exhausted.

There are so many accessories involved in motoring, and this means there are so many opportunities for you to get your logo out there into the world by branding up some promotional items. From simple but useful items like roadside safety kits and air fresheners to fun things like bumper stickers and dancing flowers or dashboard hula dolls, our range of customized auto products has something every business or organization could use for promotional purposes. All of our quality items can be printed with your logo, so your brand identity will be right out there on the road with customers and friends.

You could be a car wash or rental service which requires some swag to give away – small items for customers to take away and use such as keychains. You could be a dealership which prides itself on providing excellent vehicles, great customer service and a prestige gift at sale, such as a roadside safety kit or tire cover. Whichever - whether you’re a garage, showroom, car show or social group there’s something for you at EverythingBranded. But before you go looking, put the brakes on for a moment to check out our favorite personalized auto products.


Drive brand awareness with these great automotive promo products


  1. This Sunshade is a great choice for promotional use as a giveaway to customers and friends. Nobody likes going back to their vehicle on a hot day and finding that the interior has become an oven, so a sunshade can be a really useful addition to anyone’s car kit. It even comes with a bag for neat and easy storage. With your logo printed on both the shade and the bag when it’s used during the day it’s a high-visibility item.
  2. A Mini Refrigerator is another great item to have in a car (or even in your truck, boat, or camper) on those hot days. It’ll sit on the floor and provide a great place to store six cans of soda or small bottles of water and keep them cool and can be printed with the logo of your business or organization. It’s powered with a 12V jack connected to the cigarette lighter of your vehicle.
  3. To another weather extreme now. This Ice Scraper Hand Mitten is a cool way to raise brand awareness. The heavy-duty plastic blade even has ice chippers. It’s a great promo tool for auto supply stores, mechanics, and towing companies alike. When looking for promotional items for your car business, an ice scraper is a must.
  4. These days there’s so much personal tech that relies on USB charging – chief is your cellphone. It’s a real problem if you’re out-and-about with no ability to add juice, so a car USB charger is an essential for any traveler. This one features three ports and, with your company name, logo or advertising message printed on a large barrel area, it’s going to be seen every day.
  5. This Custom Branded Roadster™ is a brilliant way for drivers to ‘tidy up’ the small items during journeys. The patented gel material tightly grips to your dash, and the unit holds a cell upright when you need to follow GPS directions, as well as a small tray for other belongings such as glasses and loose change. When it’s branded with your logo this makes for a great gift or small sale item for your business.


There are so many automotive accessories which can be printed with your logo, here at EverythingBranded. They provide your vehicle-related business, organization, event, or club with a great opportunity to enhance your marketing plan. When you’ve decided which items you’re interested in, why not get in touch with the EverythingBranded team – they’ll be happy to generate a quote for you.


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