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Open Up Your Brand For National Umbrella Day

7th February 2019 in Days of the year

This February 10 is National Umbrella Day, to celebrate EverythingBranded takes a closer look at our own promotional Umbrellas.

National Umbrella Day is a time for us to honor one of the world's most useful inventions! An umbrella helps us keep dry from the rain, protects us from the sun and can even be used as a fashion accessory. Umbrellas are seen everywhere, even as props in movies. From Singing in the rain, Mary Poppins and Batman Returns. "The mind is like an umbrella. Its most useful when open." - Walter Gropius

Mind-Expanding Facts

Umbrellas were invented in China, the oldest recorded appeared in 21 AD. The word umbrella comes from the Latin word umbros which means "shade". Over 33 million umbrellas are sold in the US each year. Modern-day umbrellas are coated with Teflon to make them waterproof. Chinese umbrellas stick to a more traditional design with lace or lavishly decorated paper giving it a more elegant look. It was actually the Chinese who made the first waterproof umbrellas, they waxed and lacquered paper parasols. Known as the umbrella capital of the world the city of Shangyu in China has over a thousand umbrella factories. A single worker in the factory makes around 300 umbrellas a day! Men did not use umbrellas until the mid 18th century, as they were seen as a fashion statement and symbol of femininity. Brolly is a slang word for umbrella, mainly used by the British.

Branding An Umbrella

Promotional umbrellas are a great marketing opportunity for your next event or giveaway, offering a practical and unique way to promote your brand. An ideal product to give to your employees who may be commuting to work or as a gift to your loyal customers. A branded umbrella offers a large printing areas for your brand to be seen and can have your logo, slogan, message or contact details printed on one face or multiple faces.  Schools will need umbrellas for any spectators watching sports events, hotels need them for wedding parties and house builder need them to take people on viewings.   When does a detective carry an umbrella? When he’s under cover…

EverythingBranded USA offers a wide range of branded umbrellas. Check out some of our favorites…        

EverythingBranded provide unlimited free visuals from our in-house design team to ensure your logo or brand message is printed to your specific requirements.

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