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National Entrepreneurs Day - Using Promotional Products in Your Start-Up

1st November 2022 in Marketing & branding

National Entrepreneur Day is celebrated on November 15th, on this day we celebrate all the entrepreneurs who have been successful and helped others grow. It's important to remember that every person can be an entrepreneur, though some may not realize it, or don't want to admit it. This year, with the goal of inspiring and empowering people everywhere, Entrepreneur Day will take an active approach to celebrating entrepreneurs through events at colleges and universities, conferences, and meetings.

One-way entrepreneurs can stand out from the rest is by using customized promotional products to promote their businesses. Here at EverythingBranded we have gathered 5 reasons why customized promotional products can help entrepreneurs with their marketing tactics and start-ups.


  1. Low-Cost Marketing

Low-cost promotional products can help you achieve your marketing goals. They are a great way to win potential customers over and create brand awareness. Create an unforgettable experience with a custom coffee mug, customized bottle opener, custom pen set, or any other promotional product that speaks volumes about you as a company.  

Give it a try, your customers will love you for thinking of them.


  1. Instant Brand Recognition

Great branding has the potential to help your company attract more customers. Your logo is often one of the first things that consumers notice about your brand when they identify it.

The best way to stay in the minds of your customers is by distributing promotional items to them. Customized products help them to recognize your business for a longer duration, thus influencing their decision-making abilities.

Your promotional products don’t just make a lasting impression on the people receiving them. They can also be a huge help to you and your business, from creating awareness of your brand to boosting sales and profits.


  1. Greater Exposure to your business

A great way to increase your business’s exposure on daily basis is through gifting items such as personalized t-shirts and custom water bottles. The more consumers wear your t-shirt design and sip from your customized mugs the greater your brand’s exposure is likely to be.

In addition, they are also a great method to introduce your brand to new customers. Moreover, promotional products work as an excellent marketing tool because they create a positive effect on the buyer’s mind. And people remember you as the brand which offers promotional products with high value compared to prices or purchase cost.


  1. Works as your business card

In the era of digital marketing where everything moves at lightning speed, it is hard for companies to maintain physical touch points with their customers. To ensure that you don’t lose touch with your customers, promotional items from your business can be a very effective way of getting them into regular communication with your brand. This almost removes the need for a customized business card as the promotional item will do all the introducing for your business.

Use promotional products as part of your social media campaign. For example, you should print a QR codes on a custom water bottle. You can also put your hashtags on custom t-shirts and other promotional items.


  1. Customer loyalty

Promotional products help you to build a solid base of loyal customers. Entrepreneurs use promotional products to drive customer loyalty in a short period. In addition, when your customers are purchasing your company’s products frequently, marketers can spend more resources to build a solid base of loyal customers.

Branded promotional products are a great way to market your company. But the only way they will work is if they are made of high-quality materials and can promote your brand while retaining customers.


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