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How Long Will This Blog Last? - Digital vs. Print

26th June 2018

In the age of Digital Marketing, how long does your Marketing last?

Digital vs. Print is an ongoing debate that many marketers have. The way we get our message out there is of the utmost importance to businesses and with the growing number of methods we can adopt to do this, it is important that we are choosing the right method to ensure optimum results. The best way to ensure your marketing works efficiently is to make sure it is going to stand the test of time. Generating relevant, evergreen branding that will last helps to generate impressions and get your message out there. Here we discuss the lifespan of Digital vs. Print marketing methods to see which is the most effective according to shelf life.

Social Media

Social media is an easy and cost-effective way of marketing your brand to the masses and is accessible for everyone. However, this creates the issue of making sure you are seen and heard above the crowd! Tweeting about your product or service will last an average of 18 minutes before it is lost from the newsfeed. With this in mind, this social platform may require you to post more frequently to give your brand a better chance of being seen. LinkedIn has a longer life span of 24 hours, but this still doesn't leave much of a window for your content.

Printed Products

The average life span of a promotional product is 2.5 years! 73,000 times the lifespan of a tweet! These promotional products are used, at least, once a week, meaning they continue to generate impressions long after they are distributed. It is important to note that consumers will hold on to printed products longer depending on how useful they are. Items such as Promotional Pens are incredibly useful, with a pen writing an estimated 45,000 words, that's a great deal of time spent with your brand in their hand! Therefore, in the fight of Digital vs. Print marketing, we see there is definitely a place for print in the digitally-focused business world. Give your brand more longevity with printed products!

How Long Will Your Post Last


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