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Merchandizing to Promote Your Brand During National Pizza Month

28th October 2022 in Food & candy

No-one could deny that one of the ongoing delights of this country’s great Italian / American heritage is the pizza.

Research shows that in America there’s an average of 350 slices eaten per second (or 21,000 per minute) of every single day, which equates to 3 billion pizzas per year. No surprise, then, that pizza has a whole day dedicated to it. Since 1984, in recognition of this wondrous food, October has been designated as National Pizza Month.

Although that means this year’s is currently drawing to a close, there’s still a great chance to slice out some time to give thanks. It’s also a great opportunity to shout up about how celebrating pizza shouldn’t be confined to October alone! In fact, there’s a case to say that every day is pizza day in America – and that means there are a lot of people you can successfully market your pizzeria to, using pizza branding and promo items.

What kind of promotional pizza products are there available from EverythingBranded? We’ll suggest some, in a moment - but first a handful of pizza facts you can use to impress your customers, colleagues, friends and family!


  • The world’s biggest pizza was made in 2012 in Rome, Italy. Its surface area measured 13,580.28 sq. ft!
  • The correct name for the edge of a pizza is the ‘cornicione’.
  • The first pizza shop to open in the US was Lombardi’s in Manhattan in 1905. It’s still there to this day though it closed for a while, which makes Papa’s Tomato Pies in New Jersey the longest continuously running pizza parlor. It opened in 1912.
  • The world’s most expensive pizza costs $12,000. Yes, you read that right. Master Chef Renato Viola of Italy will come to your home and make you a Louis XIII, topped with lobster, three kinds of caviar, buffalo mozzarella, pink Australian salt and squilla mantis.
  • Originally a street food, pizza mainly catered to poor Neapolitans. So, it’s possible that the name of this food originates from the Italian word ‘piazza’ meaning square or marketplace.


So, what pizza-appropriate items can you find at EverythingBranded? What items can you order from us to help you merchandize your pizza parlor?


  1. For a start you could create a uniform look amongst your staff – so how about Cotton Aprons as clever and effective branding for pizzerias? These ones feature a polyester knitted strap and are made of 180 GSM 100% cotton knitted fabric. There’s a generous area for printing your company name, logo or message and assorted colors are available so you should easily find something to match up with your already established brand identity.
  2. Pizza Packing Boxes are an essential when you’re offering a takeaway or delivery service from your pizzeria. Custom printed pizza boxes are a very good way to get your logo and business identity into people’s homes, and these ones are made of kraft and corrugated paper and include one color printing on a large area on the top of the box. Additionally, a Pizza Delivery Box printed up with your business logo and phone number is a great way of extending the marketing. This one is made of polyester and the Al foil within can keep the pizza’s heat in the box.
  3. Customized pizza cutters are also a must – customers love their pizza in slices! This Custom Branded Pizza Cutter is great as a giveaway or as a small sale item. You could send one with deliveries over a certain number of pizzas, or perhaps offer them in your parlor or restaurant. When branded up with your logo people will be able to use them at home, and that’s great marketing!


If you are looking for promotional pizza products to help raise brand awareness for your business or organization, browse through the items on offer from EverythingBranded and you’re sure to find something suitable.

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