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Many Ways Of Reusing Paper Cups

26th March 2019 in Green & Eco-Friendly

Encourage your employees to become more environmentally aware by reusing coffee cups. EverythingBranded USA takes a closer look at our own branded paper cups.

Billions of coffee cups are thrown away each year, with fewer than 1 in 400 hundred being recycled. Many of these coffee cups are coated with plastic preventing them from being recycled. Large coffee retailers like Starbucks offer discounts for those who bring in their own reusable cup. Here are some ways your can help protect the environment by reusing coffee cups in your office.

Coffee Cup Planters

By poking holes at the bottom of the cup you can create a small plant pot. Place onto a plate, so there's something to catch the water when it trains through the holes. Fill it with soil, plant a seed and watch it grow over time at your desk. Remember to keep it near a window with lots of sunlight. Once the plant is grown you can easily transplant it into the ground or a larger pot and then repeat the process.

Pen Holders

Once you've cleaned out your coffee cup you can use it to store any stationery on your desk. If you don't like the look of your coffee cup you can brighten it up by wrapping it up in some nice wrapping paper. A great way to encourage your employees to keep a tidy desk.


The perfect dry material to shred up, bury in the soil for it to soak up some of the moisture. People already add newspaper to their soil, so why not coffee cups?


Use it as a garden scoop for getting any soil out of bags or for scooping pet food. This saves you from having to use up another cup from home to serve up food. A great idea if you don't want to spend your own money on gardening equipment.

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