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Check out our Top 5 Best Eco-Friendly, Customizable Shopping Bags

7th August 2022 in Green & Eco-Friendly

One of the most high-profile things going on right now is our behavior in relation to the state of the planet. It’s crucial that we all respond to efforts and activities in that area in a positive way if we can, showing some sort of commitment to the eco movement. Perception of your business is important – and if you are seen to be ‘on board’ with the idea of a greener planet and actively doing what you can about it, it’s going to be to your benefit.

A really great way for stores to do this is to offer branded eco-friendly shopping bags to customers – either as giveaways or for purchase. Bags are used just about every time a customer visits your store and buys something, so the environmental benefits of using the same bag on each occasion are obvious – and that’s why you should invest in promotional cotton shopping bags or eco bags of some other kind.

It’s partly simple math. A customer needs only one eco bag, whereas they’d need a constant supply of single-use bags – so any harmful impact caused by the production process is blunted. It’s not just the scale of that process, it’s also the materials used during it. Promotional eco shopping bags are ‘better for the planet’ than single-use plastic bags because they’re made from recycled or renewable natural materials (felt, jute, cotton, and others) whereas plastic bags are made of materials derived from petroleum (a non-renewable resource, and this type of bag also creates greenhouse gases during production).

It’s not just stores, though. Many other types of business and organization can ‘do their bit’ and also demonstrate their eco credentials by using environmentally friendly shopping bags for business needs. They may cost a little more than single-use bags, but they’re perfect for giveaways, and the promotional value is immense. It’s rare that anyone has just one of this sort of bag. There may be a few hanging from a hook at home, and each will have some sort of branding on it – so your logo could be there too!

Campaigns and events which are attending, or hosting rallies would also benefit from using this kind of bag in their swag offer. The truth is people really like these sorts of bag. They really take notice of printed recycled shopping bags and eco-careful bags of all kinds – and that means there’s a great opportunity for you to raise brand awareness or really get your message across.


Here are our top 5 favorite customizable bags


  1. That old adage ‘simple is best’ might apply to the Natural Magazine Economy Tote. It’s sized to hold meeting handouts, padfolios or magazines, so when printed up with your logo or message it’s the perfect choice to use for fundraisers, school conferences and career fairs as well as for conferences, tradeshows, and promotional event giveaways. Also, of course, great as a shopping bag.

  2. Earlier in this blog we pointed out the importance of multi-use bags against single use. But, actually, there is a bit of a compromise. These paper Eco-Shoppers are great for single use, or perhaps even a couple of uses, but can then be recycled. They’re made from 100% recycled paper (which has a minimum of 60% recycled post-consumer content).
  3. The Landscape Recycle Shopping Bag consists of lightweight, non-woven polypropylene material. The black reinforced heat-sealed handles are sure to heat up any promotion, and these bags come in a variety of color choices so they’re great for customizing for tradeshows and company events as well as for use as shopping bags.
  4. You’ve heard of thinking outside the box, and you know what it means, right? How about a little ‘thinking outside the bag’ and opting for something slightly unusual which will draw a bit more attention to your brand when printed on it? These Drawstring Produce Bags come in sets of three and are a really fruitful way to grow brand awareness!
  5. A little more style is possible, even with environmentally friendly bags. This Felt Shopping Bag For Women offers practicality as well as a good look for the shopping trip and a tick in the eco-credentials box of your social concerns list. Made from heavy duty felt, they’re as good for a day down at the beach as they are a day at the mall.


Whatever you’re promoting, there is an eco-bag for you. And at EverythingBranded we have a friendly team who will guide you through your purchase – from choosing the right bag to any aftersales queries you might have. Simply get in touch.

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