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It’s festival season – and your branded products are the stars of the show!

1st July 2022 in Summer & beach

Festival season is such a great part of each year. The best bands, the best weather, the best friends, the best vibes. All that summer fun before another one bites the dust.

Festival season means branding time for the organizers. It’s even better for any business or organization with an eye for a smart way to market. All those promotional opportunities.

It’s easy to create branded products for festivals. Within the typical experience (from home to grooving to the headliners and then back again) there are so many different chances to brand your festival to your customers. From something as simple as the brightly colored Tyvek printed wristbands issued to each attendee at the turnstiles as they arrive, to the branded plastic beer glasses they’ll drink from, to the hats, t-shirts and buttons available from merch stalls around site, to all the other things they’ll pick up through the duration. Maybe even custom pens or badges with logo or imagery, handed out as people leave? A small but impressive everyday reminder to take away with them will help raise brand awareness.

For the organization putting on the big show there’s a whole suite of promotional items for festivals. At all times everyone who is working needs to know who’s who, so promotional lanyards are an essential for event staff, security, catering, management, stage and backstage crew etc… You can brand up any item with the festival identity (like the wristbands we just mentioned, or red cups and more) but here’s an additional thought! You could also open those items up for some sponsorship by brands looking to promote themselves or some form of message.

Every festival needs catering of some kind, and so all those concession stands, and vans dotted around the festival site offering up great food and drink should have some sort of promotional giveaway or, at least, get their plastic glasses, cups or trays branded up. Using branded items for your catering business is a proven tactic to keep you in the public mind. They will literally be reminded of you when they eat and drink. And everyone at a festival loves to eat and drink…

At EverythingBranded we recognize there’s so much opportunity to raise your brand profile at a festival (in fact at any other event, too). You’re thinking about ordering something, too, ‘cos you’re reading this – which means you’re halfway there (livin’ on a prayer).

So, to check out our festival-friendly promotional products, simply search for any of the items we’ve mentioned in this blog. Or start by looking at our lanyards and wristbands section. 

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