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Product Case Study: Branded Sunglasses

25th June 2022 in Summer & beach

Customized sunglasses are perfect for your summer promotions and giveaways. Everybody needs some extra eye protection for those hot and bright days – so why not invest in specially branded sunglasses and let your business message shine through?

Everyone will be looking to slip on the shades when things get sunny, so with your brand or logo ever-present on all those sunglasses, it’s a win for your words – whether that’s a message or the name of your business or organization. But sunglasses are not just a summer thing, so there’s an all-year promotional benefit you may not have considered until now. Branded sunglasses are also great for winter, as they can help protect the eyes from snow glare or sunlight reflecting off melting ice while driving.

So, who would actually benefit from using promotional branded shades? Any outdoor organization wishing to put their message out there into the world, sports clubs which need to drum up even more support for the team, or any business or organization running a summer promotion which needs something a little bit special. Music festivals and other festival events (food markets, car or bike rallies, sports tournaments etc.), or conferences and gatherings that want to ‘brand up’ and raise awareness will also find that using customized printed sunglasses is an effective and fun way to do it.

You can customize your sunglasses by putting your company logo on the side arms, but you can also choose colored frames and, sometimes, different, or unusual types of lenses. You’ll also need to consider which style of branded sunglasses to go for. There are many different types as well as many different colors. For instance, you could be aiming at an aspirational or action market, the type that fancies a touch of Top Gun – in which case ‘Aviators’ would be perfect. Or you could be marketing to a crowd which would prefer a classic vibe or a completely quirky look – we even have glasses shaped like love hearts which light up and flash! Whichever you think it is, here at EverythingBranded we’ve got your promotional sunglasses needs in our sights.

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