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Industry Focus: Promotional Fitness Products for Fitness Businesses & Gyms

23rd November 2022 in Sport & fitness

As we edge closer and closer to the new year it’s about time, we start thinking about our new year’s resolutions. Whether you decide to cut out alcohol, chocolate, or meat, typically all our resolutions revolve around wanting to improve our personal fitness and mental health.

This makes the new year a fantastic time of year for those within the fitness industry as it brings an influx of new customers who are seeking to improve their personal fitness.

Here at EverythingBranded, we strongly believe that a great way to keep these new customers coming back is to hand out promotional products. Not only is the act of giving out promotional products to customers and colleagues a great way to improve their motivation, but it can also have a significant impact on your business or organization.

Handing out promotional products is a fantastic way to boost recall, awareness, visibility and reputation for your business or organization. So, to help you begin your promotional journey we have gathered a range of promotional fitness products ideal for any business or organization within the fitness industry.

Our top 10 promotional product recommendations for fitness businesses:

1) Fitness Towels

Help customers clean up after a hard workout with your own range of customizable fitness towels ideal for keeping equipment and individuals clean. Not only are personalized fitness towels practical they are a great marketing tool bound to create impressions and improve awareness for your brand. Our Recycled PET Eco Cooling Fitness Towel is a great option to go for if you are looking to take an eco-conscious route when it comes to marketing your business or organization as it is made from recycled plastics such as water bottles!

2) Pedometers

Walking is one of the best ways to improve your health and is a great way to improve your carbon footprint in an ever-growing eco-conscious world. Providing customers with their own customized pedometer is a great way to encourage walking and help them track how many steps they take each day. Our Pedometer Activity Watch is a perfect option for any business or organization, not only does it calculate how many steps you are taking it also tracks calories burnt, the distance you have traveled and the time!

3) Water Bottles

Custom water bottles are a classic when it comes to promotional products and there is no wonder why! From their vast printing areas, styles and sizes personalized water bottles are low-cost and extremely practical, meaning they constantly make impressions and raise awareness for your business or organization. The Klip Water Bottle is one of my personal favorites when it comes to custom water bottles, BPA free this customizable bottle carries 26 oz of liquid and has a screw-on straw lid and soft bite silicone spout.

4) Massage Balls

Massage balls offer a fantastic way to wind down after an intense workout at home or in the gym. Our Massage Ball Set comes with a pair of spike-style massage balls in a nylon drawstring bag making them easily transportable so you can relive the pain anywhere. Customized massage balls are the ideal promotional products for gyms and fitness businesses as they can help build brand loyalty and recall without breaking the bank and come in a whole host of sizes and styles meaning you can find the perfect massage ball to represent your business or organization.

5) Drawstring Bags

Handing our customized drawstring bags to new and existing customers is a great way to constantly create impressions for your fitness business or organization. Not only are personalized drawstring bags perfect for carrying gym essentials such as water bottles, fitness towels and headphones they offer large printing areas meaning you can make sure your brand stands out from the crowd and is represented just the way you intend it to be. The Waverly Drawstring Sports Pack is an ideal option as it comes in an array of colors and has an additional zip pocket, perfect for storing smaller items.

6) Earbuds/Headphones

Everyone has different music tastes and songs that get them pumped up in the gym so handing out customized Earbuds is a fantastic way to accommodate all your customer's desires when it comes to getting in a good workout at the gym. Here at EverythingBranded, we have a great selection of low-cost promotional earbuds and headphones such as our Earbuds in Compact Case that are compatible with most audio devices and great for slipping into your pocket before you set off to the gym.

7) Yoga Mats

Getting a good stretch before and after your workout has a whole host of benefits for your body such as improving flexibility and range of motion in your joints. You may not think of choosing customized yoga mats over other more stereotypically promotional products such as water bottles and drawstring bags, however, yoga mats are viewed as high-quality and 72% of consumers believe that the quality of a promotional product directly relates to the reputation of the company. My personal recommendation when it comes to personalized yoga mats would have to be the Yoga Mat with Shoulder Strap that makes it easy for customers to carry around your business or organization's branding and logo raising brand awareness, visibility, and recall.

8) Skipping Ropes

Customized skipping ropes offer a cost-effective way to increase impressions and visibility for your fitness business or organization. Not only are they great looking they are practical, meaning customers can use them time after time at home or in the gym providing free promotion for your brand. The Steel Wire Bearing Rope Skipping/ Jump Rope is a great option if you decide to take this route, not only is this skipping rope good-looking it is high-quality and made of ABS and Steel Wire meaning it has longevity when it comes to promoting your fitness business or organization.

9) T-Shirts

Whether used for working out or just worn casually on a day out customized t-shirts are a great promotional product for gyms and fitness businesses or organizations. Not only do promotional T-shirts offer great printing areas and come in a range of sizes, styles, and prices here at EverythingBranded you are sure to find the perfect customized T-shirt to represent your business or organization. Whether you are looking to splash the cash on a branded customized T-shirt or are simply looking for a more affordable option for your personal situation you are at the right place.

10) Sports Belt Bag

Customized sports belt bags are perfect for keeping all your necessities in one place while you take on your next big workout. With so many pockets, zippers and holders customized sports belt bags are the perfect promotional product to give out to new customers ensuring that they come back to your fitness business or organization time after time building brand loyalty and positive word of mouth. Our Outdoor Sports Belt Bag is the perfect option when it comes to personalized sports bags not only is it outdoor friendly it comes in a range of colors and has a print area located directly at the front of the bag allowing for maximum exposure of your brand’s logo and values.

Whatever promotional product you choose to use when promoting your fitness business or organization, you’re guaranteed to find and receive high-quality products from EverythingBranded. Browse our website and when you’re ready to order, contact us and our friendly and efficient team will be more than happy to generate a quote for you.

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