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Baseball: Promoting the Nation’s Favorite Pastime

12th August 2022 in Sport & fitness

It’s one of the greatest games, and it gives those who watch it or take part in playing it a completely unparalleled amount of joy. Yes, we’re talking about baseball – and for over a century this glorious sport has excited Americans and been our national pastime; from kids in the backyard to family games in the park to Little League, all the way through to college and minor league and up to Major League. Our game is deeply ingrained in our lives. It really is a central part of who we are.


Where it all began…

How did baseball originate? Those who’ve heard of the English game cricket could strongly argue that baseball derived directly from that. There is some basic resemblance and it’s not hard to imagine our first settlers playing cricket but things getting modified, altered, and improved along the way during the last 400 years. In truth, both have roots in ancient folk games played in England centuries ago (such as the quaintly named bittle-battle in the 15th-century). So, baseball and cricket are definitely related - but a very long way back on the sports family tree.

Our love affair with baseball has thrown up some amazing icons in the past, and some teams and players are globally recognized names to this day, whatever era they originated from: New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio etc… The baseball glove and bat are widely recognized pieces of sports equipment, the kits of certain teams are instantly recognizable, and some on-the-field terms are known the world over, too (first base, second base, backstop, pitcher, home run etc). It’s fair to say that baseball has permeated global culture.

It's difficult to boil down ‘the meaning of baseball’ into a couple of paragraphs, but we think we’ve done a reasonable job of explaining its roots and its impact. The truth is, you will already know how important baseball is, and how useful a marketing move associating your business or organization with the sport could be. You can really raise brand awareness by investing in some baseball-related promotional products because people are always receptive when our national pastime is involved in anything!



How can you use promotional items with your baseball team?

Promotional baseball items include things as simple as actual baseballs. When one of these is printed with the logo of your business, organization, campaign, event, charity, or team, it’s an immediate home run! Imagine you’re a small sports team which would like to raise funds through sponsorship deals. You don’t have to stop at shirts or advertising boards, you could offer the baseballs themselves as quality real estate for logo printing by sponsors. What a great gimmick! These balls could also be printed with a team or business logo and offered as souvenirs rather than for actual play. For charity events they could be printed with the logo or a message and offered for sale.

Other baseball custom giveaways or on-sale items will appeal to a large number of people, so therefore raise a massive amount of brand awareness. They include these baseball can holders, baseball bat-shaped pens, branded baseball caps, keychains, bears, stress balls and more. A lot of these products are available in different colors so you can definitely find something to match up with your already existing brand identity.

Whatever choice of promotional baseball items you choose from EverythingBranded, from printed baseball caps to simple baseball stress relievers, you’ll receive best quality items and really attentive service. It’s easy to start, too – simply give our friendly team a call and they’ll be happy to generate a quote. And if you’re a plain old bittle-battle team get in touch as we can probably help you too!

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