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How to Brand Effectively When Accounting for a Festive Budget

3rd December 2022 in Winter & Christmas

Christmas is a time of goodwill, right? Well, yes, it is – and, from everyone here at EverythingBranded, we hope you have a happy one!

But there is often fierce competition during the festive season, too. It’s the time of year when businesses and organizations compete for public attention in a hugely crowded market, busier and perhaps more aggressive than at other points on the calendar. This means, if you’re in the midst of it, you are likely to be competing against increased budgets. It’s really not the time to sit back and become complacent in your advertising or promotional efforts.

However, you don’t need to blow vastly increased amounts of your annual budget on seasonal marketing to sustain your position or even get improved results. With ads costing more at this time of year, it's a smart idea to use giveaways to get your brand's name out there and increase conversion, without having to spend significantly more on online ads.

You can raise brand awareness and keep visibility by spending a relatively modest amount on customized promotional items emblazoned with the logo of your business, organization, campaign, or event. With it being the season of gifting, there’s a great opportunity to put yourself right into the hands of your public in a generous way, and when you use these customized items for giveaways (or even as small sale items) they’ll ensure a winter-warming level of brand recognition.

We’ve picked out a few of our favorites here, as ‘starter suggestions’, but for more great ideas take a browse of our website and you’re sure to find items which will keep your promotional activities in good elf during Santa’s season…


1. Custom Pens


Highly useful marketing tools throughout the year, custom pens can really elevate a Christmas marketing campaign and give you a return on your investment. Imagine all of those times during the festive season when people require a pen – from ticking off items on their handwritten Christmas present list, to writing out greetings cards to marking up the scores during a family game around the table. The humble pen is one of promotion’s most powerful tools, with your logo highly visible right there in the hands of customers, clients, and friends each time they write.


You could opt for ‘standard’ pens which make a virtue of their simple look, being highly practical and smart enough for everyday office use or in any professional situation. These advertising Pens are a great choice, available in a few different colors so you should be able to find one which closely matches in with your already existing brand guidelines. When silkscreen printed with your logo they’re attractive and outstanding. For a more ‘novelty’ angle, you could opt for pens in unusual shapes, eye-catching and amusing, such as this pickle pen or this wrench shaped pen or these bone-shaped pens. Dependent on the industry in which your business operates you will be able to find something suitable simply by browsing at EverythingBranded.


2. Custom Mugs


One of the big hitters on the marketing playing field is the custom mug. Similar in necessity to the pen, custom mugs are used each and every day, and quite often over and over again. People love coffee – and you just can’t drink it without a mug, so why not produce your own custom mugs so that your customers, clients, and friends not only drink, but see your logo and business message. These simple but highly aesthetic ceramic mugs have a smooth rim, glossy finish, and colored interior plus a c-handle grip. This two-tone custom mug comes with several different color options, so you should be able to pick one which chimes with your brand guidelines. There are lots of other custom mugs available to browse on the EverythingBranded website!


3. Custom T-Shirts


The third of the trio of top-hitters in promotional terms is the ever-popular t-shirt. A genuine fashion icon, custom t-shirts printed with the logo of a business, organization, product, music band or campaign slogan is an instant impact way to get noticed. It has been that way for decades – so why not cash in and use this proven marketing tool yourself? This Delta Apparel Unisex Adult Performance Tee is available in many colors and sizes, made from a blend of polyester and ring-spun cotton. With a taped neck and shoulder seams, two-needle hemmed sleeves, a tear-away label and a 3/4" seamless rib-knit collar, your customers, clients, and friends will be comfortable while showing off your brand!

Remember, these are three ‘immediate impact’ ideas for ways that you can market your business during the festive season – but if you browse the EverythingBranded site you will find many other products which can help you raise brand awareness and keep your business or organization well-positioned amidst the Christmas rush.

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