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Winter is Coming – Getting Ready for Winter Branding

30th September 2022 in Winter & Christmas

We’re with Game of Thrones on this one – winter is coming! Perhaps more than any other season there is an indefinable ‘magic’ in the air. Darker nights, special occasions like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the turn of the New Year. It’s truly special – but it’s certainly also colder, and that means getting properly wrapped up. Putting on extra layers of clothingsweaters, scarves, hats and gloves – is the right way to protect against the chill, combat the cold but still savor the season.

We like facts, here, and we know you like having something interesting you can throw out at a dinner party or in a bar, on in the canteen and even the boardroom! So here are our five favorites about winter, before we move on to talking about why you should use branded promotional items for raising brand awareness.


  • Earth and the Sun: Bizarre as it might seem, the Earth’s northern hemisphere is actually closer to the Sun during the winter months than it is in the summer. Approximately January 3rd, the Earth reaches perihelion (peri = 'near' and helion = 'sun') and is 3 million miles closer to the Sun than at aphelion (around 5 July). Worth remembering as part explanation, that the Sun doesn’t cause the Earth’s seasons.
  • Reindeers can see in the dark: Sort of. Reindeer which inhabit the Arctic Circle and above live in total darkness for some of the year. Evolution has led to the tapetum lucidum (a small area of tissue behind the retina) changing color from gold in summer to blue in winter. As a consequence, reindeer eyes are able to detect ultraviolet light – in other words they can see in the dark.
  • Five types of snow: There are five different types of snow, based on their level of water. Dry snow (zero percent), moist snow (below 3 percent), wet snow (between 3 and 8 percent), very wet snow (between 8 and 15 percent), and slush (15 percent water).
  • Fifty Words: Famous British recording artist Kate Bush once released a record called 50 Words for Snow, inspired by the fact that the eskimos have multiple words to describe this essential part of their habitat. Some of the words are as fascinating as they are charming: Stellatundra, matsaaruti and pukka. Even more impressive, the Sami people in the northern tips of Scandinavia and Russia have at least 180!
  • Records: The most snow ever recorded during a 24-hour period in the United States was in 1921 at Silver Lake, Colorado. A staggering 76 inches fell in one day. That means it would have covered even Muhammad Ali! The next highest was Georgetown, Colorado, in 1913, at 63 inches.


That’s a lot of useful information we’ve thrown at you – and here’s a bit more. People love receiving freebies, particularly if they are useful. So, for any business, organization, event or campaign, right now is the perfect time to start thinking about using customized winterwear as part of your marketing offer. Planning your winter season promotional campaign in advance is important, as it gives time to get things properly prepared. Don’t be left out in the cold!

Here at EverythingBranded we have many products which are suitable for printing up with our logo and using as giveaways, gifts, or small sale items from the end of Fall and through the winter. We have plenty of choice to offer, whether your need is custom embroidered beanies or custom pom pom beanies, with your logo proudly promoting you from the top of heads, to personalized gloves, your brand right at the fingertips of all your customers, clients and friends.


Here are some of our favorites…


  1. Promotional scarves are always a good idea, as the humble scarf has been keeping everyone warm for centuries. It’s a simple design classic! Your business or organization could benefit from providing a winter gift set which contains one – and Winter Combo in Custom Box should do the trick. The gloves and scarf in this set are available in different colors so you will easily find something to match your already existing brand identity.
  2. Multi-Color Knitted Pom Pom Beanies make a fun statement, reminding people that winter is not actually a gloomy season, despite the temperature and light conditions. Featuring a rainbow / multi-color design, these knitted beanies provide comfort and warmth and are an ideal accessory for clubs, sports teams, ski resorts and many other cold weather events.
  3. Keeping the hands warm in winter is important, as cold temperatures can affect how dexterous a person is. These Winter Water Resistant Adult Gloves do just fine with a four-layer softshell which protects against cold wind and snows outside whether you’re clearing the yard or off riding and skiing. A great giveaway for tradeshows, fundraisers, ski resorts and more.
  4. This one is our absolute favorite! Once you’ve been outside where is there to go? Inside, of course, and once there a nip of brandy or another winter-warmer is a nice way to go, like an immediate kick-start of your internal engine! So how about these branded Tumblers which hold three ounces of your favorite spirit? Your customers, clients and friends are sure to thank you…

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