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Custom Stress Balls in the Workplace

10th December 2022 in Stress Balls & Relievers

It’s okay, you don’t have to pretend… Modern life is stressful, right?

Everyone feels it from time to time – the stress caused by balancing home and work lives simultaneously, with the pressures of both bearing down as we try to achieve a meaningful contribution to the world day after day. Dealing sensibly with stress is actually one of the most important things anyone can do to make their lives better - and for many that could mean some sort of regular fix like a holiday, some time out socializing or a workout in the gym. Even therapy. For others - the majority - a small and manageable micro-activity each day can really help - and this is where stress balls come into their own.

Stress balls are small ‘squidgy’ items you hold in your hand and squeeze. They’re made of firm but soft and pliable material which will return to its original shape when your grip is loosened. The idea is that your body forces down its stressful feelings into the simple act of squeezing balls, which leaves the rest of your mind able to cope and get through difficult or demanding situations. Stress balls can also prevent injury and stress related ailments such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome – so the therapeutic effects of stress balls are both mental and physical. They’re a really simple but effective way to keep a grip on things.

For any business or organization looking at using promotional items to market themselves and raise brand awareness, custom stress balls are truly effective. There are many different shapes and sizes available, and a huge range of stress balls available in ‘novelty’ form (such as footballs, baseballs, basketballs or even foods etc.). All of the customized stress balls available from EverythingBranded can be printed with the logo of your business or organization, so will position your brand right there in people’s hands, day after day. They’re also cost effective – so you won’t be blowing your budget.


Here is a selection of our five favorite custom stress balls


Our 5 Favorite Custom Stress Balls


  1. Basic Stress Balls

You could go ‘basic’ and opt for a simple ball-shaped ball. This Stress Ball is a simple and effective way to present your logo, fuss-free, available in custom colors. The ball size is a compact 2" – perfect in the hand - and when printed with your brand identity it makes for a charmingly friendly stress ball to use as a giveaway or small sale item.


  1. Sports Stress Balls

If you are a sports business of some kind or you have an association with supporting a particular baseball team – or are looking to do some marketing around the baseball season – then a stress ball in the shape of a baseball is a great idea. With your company or organization logo printed onto them, these Baseball Stress Balls make a great way for fans to work out their stress while watching the big game!


  1. Animal Stress Balls

You could be in a business associated with animals, in which case these Dog Bone Stress Busters are a great item for use in marketing campaigns. On an animal theme these are Shark-Shaped Stress Busters, and these are shaped like cows, pigs and baby lambs.


  1. Cube Stress Balls

Something a little more ‘involved’ and not quite so squeezy is this Stress Relieving Cube, featuring five ‘fidget’ options including buttons, spinner, rollers, glide, and flipper. The dome decoration protects your business or organization’s logo from rubbing off, and the whole thing comes in retail style box. With your brand identity prominent, this is a smart and stress-free stress-busting gift to give!


  1. Earth Stress Balls

No-one would seriously want the responsibility of being in control of the planet – but with this Earth-Shaped Stress Ball you can certainly have the whole world in your hands for a while! It’s a great marketing tool perfect for handing out at global expos, conferences, trade shows and other places.


At first glance, you might be drawn towards thinking something as small and simple as a stress ball has little benefit to the user, and no effect on your brand awareness – but you’d be wrong on both counts. Check out the full range of customized stress balls at EverythingBranded and if you have any queries don’t get stressed about asking – we’re always happy to help!

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