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Stress-Free Marketing with Custom Stress Balls!

7th November 2022 in Stress Balls & Relievers

It’s unavoidable in the modern world. No, we’re not actually talking about stress itself. We mean the positive impact on your brand awareness if you use custom stress balls such as custom stress balls during your marketing plan!

From the perspective of any business or organization looking for great ways to market themselves, custom stress balls are amongst the most effective things you can invest in. Almost everyone gets stressed to some degree (hopefully small) each day, right?

Custom stress balls are the perfect way for a person to rid themselves of visible signs of nervous energy or anxiety, worry and embarrassment. Used discreetly they can be of great psychological benefit, allowing the user to maintain a sense of control over themselves during difficult or, well, stressful situations. They can also be fun – something novelty that’s on your desk at work that you can fidget with while you’re mulling over a task.


Here are EverythingBranded’s Top Ten custom stress balls…


  • This baseball shaped custom stress ball is a great one for sports fans to squeeze while waiting for their team to hit that all-important home run. It’s also a great one for any business or organization related to baseball in any way – caterers, sports clothing companies, social clubs, school teams, junior league clubs. The list goes on. In fact, sports-style stress balls don’t just come with a baseball theme. There are other sports available too – such as basketball, football, golf, tennis and soccer. All of them mean big wins when they’re printed with your logo!
  • If you want your brand awareness to go stratospheric then these rocket custom stress balls will lift off the stress and pile on the promo. Shaped like the classic-style retro rocket from old space adventure movies, there’ll be nothing alien about the monster marketing benefits for your business or organization. These robot ones are on a similarly sci-fi theme.
  • Similarly cosmic are these moon custom stress balls. When they’re printed with your logo it’ll be one giant leap for your brand awareness. Similarly, these space capsule shaped stress relievers can be a great reminder of the importance of keeping a cool head in sticky situations. After all, man went to the moon and everyone keeping calm ensured the mission went well!
  • Seasonal stress is a given. Getting all of the family together for Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a difficult task which requires a lot of patience and some real logistical skills! Take the anxiety out of it all with these Christmas tree stress relievers. Printed with your logo, these trees will gift you some great brand awareness! This snowman stress ball will do the same.
  • One of the physical effects of stress is an increased heart rate, and these heart shaped stress relievers are a great way to remind users of the importance of looking after their health. They’re an excellent way for businesses working in health and fitness to promote themselves - including doctors and healthcare centers, plus gyms and exercise suites. They’re also, for romantics, great for dating services to put themselves on the market!
  • Sometimes following political events can be quite stressful. Everyone has their own point of view on things, and we all often disagree with the views of others. It can definitely make people angry – but we suggest these patriotic stress relievers. Not only will they take away some of the angst, they’ll also remind all who use them that America’s aim should be fairness and freedom for all!
  • You might be in the middle of a difficult situation but these smiley-face stress balls will remind you of the upside. In super-cheerful bright yellow with a grinning face, they’re a perfect pop-culture promo tool. Of course, the smiley is now also a huge part of the digital culture, with emojis featuring on everyone’s phone messages.
  • For something a little unusual how about these tangle relievers? They’re almost a ball but almost a scribble, too, which adds a really quirky twist to the whole idea. This is the ideal marketing tool for offices, seminars, workshops and trade shows, and it’s available in several different colors.
  • Got some DIY or construction project on the go – but not going too well? Perhaps you need some time out and a go on this hammer shaped stress reliever!? Perfect for construction or hardware supply businesses to use during promotional campaigns. These site hats will also help build up your brand awareness!
  • One of the main things about stress is that it can often be self-imposed, coming from a part of the psyche that’s worried or fearful. These brain stress relievers will help remind you that a lot of it is ‘in the head’ and even though it manifests physically you can take steps to work it out. Always remember that mental health is important and that stress can be serious. Take steps such as using these stress toys and it should minimise. It’s like a gentle form of exercise!


There are many other custom stress balls available from EverythingBranded, and we’d be happy if you took a browse around our site to see. Available in many different shapes and sizes, you should easily be able to find something to match up with your already existing brand identity, and which extends your carefully curated aesthetic. The benefits of using stress balls and shaped stress relievers are great – for the user, and also for any business or organization investing in them as a marketing tool.

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