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Breast Cancer Awareness: How to improve your charity’s visibility

3rd October 2022 in Charity & non-profit

At different times throughout each year there are periods of focus on different types of cancer - but October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a time when people are encouraged to show their support for all those impacted, in particular, by breast cancer and for the organizations working against it. This could mean people who currently have it, or people who have survived it. People around those people, or people who have lost someone to it. Everybody in the world has been affected by cancer in some way, and many of those by breast cancer in particular.

National Breast Cancer Foundation research statistics are eye-opening. They show that one in eight women in the US will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. There will be a likely 339,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed in our country during 2022 and an estimated 43,550 of those women will die from it. Although the disease is much rarer in men, an estimated 2,710 men will be diagnosed in the US this year and around 530 of them will not survive their battle with the disease. The impact of breast cancer – of all types of cancer, in fact - is massive. Like ripples in a pool of water the impact of any form of cancer spreads out and touches so many different lives – parents, children, family, friends, and co-workers.

There is a way for your business or organization, whether medical or a support facility or service, to reach all of these people and more, and raise awareness of your work. And if you are a charity. You will be able to use promotional items to use as giveaways or small sale items to use in campaigns to raise funds for your work. By investing in branded items, printed products for cancer charities, it is possible to provide people with a useful item which will raise your brand awareness. People like to support any organization which works to tackle the cancer problem in some way, and so things like custom stress balls, customized stickers, notepads and journals with your logo printed on them and promotional buttons will all be welcomed…


Our Top 5 Items to Support Breast Cancer Awareness


Here, we list five of our favorite items which we think are appropriate for cancer charities to use to further their message or use in fundraising drives.


  1. Although cancer is an extremely serious issue, many Americans tend to deal with problems with a sense of humor – even medical problems. A sense of humor is a strong card to play when facing difficult odds. It can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal. So perhaps a Breast Top Pen is a good way for your charity to show that it is working with a really positive outlook. Everyone needs a pen at some point during their day, and what better way to transmit your message out there into the world than with this one? The user will see it each time they use the pen, and other people will see it too – which is sure to make for a talking point, and that can only be a good thing.
  2. A Pink Ribbon Notebook printed with your logo or message is a great way to raise awareness. People always like to receive a notebook as their freebie, or buy one as a small sale item, as they are so useful for keeping by the phone or to slip into their handbag so that they can keep notes. This one includes 50 lined notebook pages, a colorful plastic cover and matching pink pen which writes in black ink.
  3. Breast Cancer Awareness Seed Packets printed with the logo of your charity will send a subtle but extremely powerful message. When planted, this mix of seeds will eventually bloom into pink-colored wildflowers that represent feminine strength and, the most powerful message of all, hope and determination. These seed packets are a very positive and tasteful way to raise awareness of the work your charity does. Along similar lines are this Bookmark and this Seed Paper Postcard.
  4. There are often walks or fun runs focused around Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as women (and men) like to show their support or raise funds through sponsorship. These Breast Cancer Awareness Water Bottles are a smart way for your charity or organization to be present and visible at this type of event. They can fold up in a small roll or lay flat and are top-rack dishwasher safe so can be used over and over, meaning your message will continue to reach people.
  5. In some ways the most important of all of the products we’ve picked out here from our extensive stock of promotional items is this Self Exam & Health Chart. It can be attached to a hook or medicine cabinet knob so will remain out on display – meaning when it’s branded with your logo your charity will remain visible. It’s a thoughtful promotional item which has high usefulness as it offers a lot of easy-to-understand information on how to self-examine.

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