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How to Brand for Your Charity or Non-Profit Organization

27th June 2022 in Charity & non-profit

People care, there’s no doubt about it – and people also like to show that they care. But sometimes you’ll need to make sure your message gets out there to new people – and stays out there - and there are times you’ll need to keep existing donors focused on your charity organization or fundraising event. Promotional items for charity are the perfect way to do it. Something small and useful which carries your branding is a fantastic tool for raising awareness and reminding people there’s a cause to believe in.

These tools could be pens, notepads, hats, sunglasses, water bottles, t-shirts and more. This kind of swag for charity, with your branding prominently featured, will be taken into homes, leisure environments, offices, and workplaces - and your message will spread. Imagine you’re organizing a fun run or other sporting event such as a sports day and you need to raise funds. Water bottles, buttons, lanyards – all these products will give you something to sell to raise both money and awareness for your event or activity.

In certain circumstances you could even take it a bit further. There are

available which could tie in with your charity’s function or area. Something medical could be highlighted in a fun way with pens shaped like bones, or blood donor organizations might enjoy the novelty of pens shaped like syringes. Breast cancer charities which need to boldly put their message out there could benefit from pens which have an end shaped to look like breasts. If your organization is more eco than healthcare, you are still catered for as there are other pens available which are made from bamboo. With these, you’ll be able to show off your commitment to the cause.

There are many different possibilities for something special – not just in terms of pens, but our whole stock. With EverythingBranded it’s possible to think beyond the regular and come up with some eye-catching and memorable promo goods for charities.

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